Why Short-Sheeting Is So Cool

In my book I described a prank Kevin pulled on me:

That night Kevin short-sheeted me. That’s where  someone unhooks your top sheet from the bottom of the bed, folds it up to the top end, and tucks in the sides so when you slide in, your legs hit the fold half-way down and can’t go anywhere.

Short-sheeting is a very old, very cool prank.

How to Short-Sheet a Bed.
(Georgie drew the pictures.)

  1. Make sure no one is watching.
    Drawing of a boy peeking into a bedroom
  2. Memorize what the bed looks like before you mess with it.
    Drawing of a boy thinking with a thought bubble of a bed
  3. Take off the pillows, the covers and blankets, and the top sheet.
    Drawing of a boy holding a pillow and blanket
  4. Tuck the top sheet in at the top of the bed so it looks like a bottom sheet. Fold the top sheet up halfway down the bed so its loose bottom of the sheet ends up exactly where the top sheet was before you started the trick. In other words, the top sheet looks like both the bottom sheet and the top sheet.
    Drawing of a boy tucking the top sheet in at the top of the bed so it looks like a bottom sheet
  5. Remake the bed (covers, blankets, pillows, etc.) to look just like it was when you started.
    Drawing of a boy smiling next to a perfectly made bed
  6. Hide somewhere and watch if you can.
    Drawing of a boy laughing at another boy who got short-sheeted

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