#2-Marci’s twin brother

What Marci said that proved she did not have a twin brother

In my book, I asked you to figure something out. Here’s what I wrote:

Once I started writing this story, I realized I should’ve known a lot sooner that Marci didn’t have a brother. Earlier in the summer she had said something that proved she was an only child, but I didn’t catch it. Did you? The answer is on my website.

Did you figure it out? If not, read this. It’s from page 36.

“This is Marci’s first year at camp. She’s from New York City,” Lana said.
“It’s called the Big Apple,” Marci explained.
I knew that.
“You’re Georgie, right?”
Georgie nodded.
Marci stuck out her hand. Georgie looked at me, then sort of extended his hand. Marci shook it vigorously. She talked fast.
“Lana told me a lot about you, Georgie. You live with your dad, and you want to be a cartoonist or a Navy jet pilot. Me? I live with my mom. She’s a pediatrician. That’s what I want to be, too. I like cartoons. I don’t know much about jet planes.”

The answer is in there. Think about it before you read ahead.

Ready for my answer?

Here’s the way I determined Marci had lied about having a twin brother. She’d said, “I live with my mom.”

If she lived with both parents, she would’ve mentioned her dad. And if she had a twin brother, don’t you think she would’ve mentioned that?! Of course, if her parents were divorced, her twin brother Marcus could’ve lived with Marci’s dad, but I figured twins almost always stay together no matter what, so I just took a chance.

Any comment?

Comments from my Readers & Friends

  1. Did you ever figure out who you were emailing to?

    If you did put it in thats what i’m wondering

  2. You guys can’t figure out what happen. I was like Oh Snap, this is not cool. This is going to become bad.
    P.S Really bad.

  3. Not to sound snobby or anything,
    But like, when you said to check your website to check our answers I thought really hard and figured it out!
    I didn’t figure it out until the end of the end of the book

  4. it took me two shots but i figured it out and it almost seemed like georgie and marci would really hit it off

  5. She could have meant that her brother is in the hospital, so he is not in the house. Maybe she meant that the only people in the house are her and her mom. Maybe the dad is dead or in the military.

  6. Remember when you came to my school. My school is skinner north. You finished the book the night before

    • Marci doesn’t have brother smart guy
      Haven’t you read the book (im really wondering by the time you read this) 🙂

  7. How can you be so sure she doesnt have a twin they might not get along and thats why she didnt mention him…or her.

    • Maybe… I never thought of that. But then there would’ve been an empty spot at camp for Georgie. That’s the real killer clue.