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Book 2

Sneaking, snakes, and scary nights at the greatest summer camp anywhere!

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  1. i think this book is awesome.i’ve read your 1st book and it also was a awesome i hope to read all of your books coming out soon certainly the halloween one!

  2. dear “cheesie”

    The joke you told and the prank was totally RAD!
    P.S;I can`t belive you and Kevin actualy XXXXXXXXX in the cool duel! Nice job man! Write on!

    1. I had to XXXXXXXX out part of your comment because YOU GAVE AWAY THE ENDING! (But I’m glad you liked the book.)

  3. I love “Cheesie Mack is cool in a duel”!!!!!!!!! I finished both books in 2 days!!!!! This is the best book EVER!!!!!!!!!

  4. Literally, this is book is awesome! I cant’t believe how many books could possibly be made!

  5. I’m sooooooo excited for your next book!! I already know it going to be excellent!! How many books are you going to write?

  6. Do you make it a lot of words? I made up pig stache. How do you think that would look like? Can Georgie draw a picture? Your book was really great, and your camp seems really fun.

  7. this book was awpic (half awesome and half epic) because I was shocked to find out [this part of comment removed by Cheesie because it was a spoiler]! I’m going to say this again, this book was AWPIC!!!

    1. Awpic! What a cool word. Thanks, Warren.
      (I had to remove part of your comment because you gave away the end of the book and I don’t want to spoil it for others.)

    1. Me too Steve Cotler came to my school. It was when his first book was coming out. It was a great experience. Everything I read this book series I never want to put it down. There’s always something you want to find out next.

  8. It was awesome. I couldn’t put the book down. I would rather read it on a long car ride then watch a movie. I did.

  9. Hi, my name is Tanner and I am 9 years old and I think that Cheesie Mack is a good fit book for kids my age.

  10. Hey Cheesie! I’m a Eden, a nine year old writer. I live in Orange County. I love “Cheesie Mack is Cool in a Duel”. I haven’t read “Cheesie Mack is Not a Genius or Anything”. I hope I can soon. Anyways, we here take Accelerated Reader quizzes (AR test). My dad helps me get good grades by reading it himself and then testing me with questions of my own. Today I took “Flyaway,” a really sad story. It was worth 10 points! Let me know if you want me to tell you about my favorite parts or anything.


    1. Both my books are on the AR list, too. I would definitely like to know what parts you liked best…and also what your dad liked! And I am going to come to Southern California later this school year. Maybe I could come to your school. The info on how to get me to come is at: http://cheesiemack.com/events/#visit

    1. My mom thinks it is a very handsome picture. But she is a very one-sided fan when it comes to her kids.

    1. I do get a lot of fan mail (which I love!), but not a lot of spam because my Aunt Brenda set me up with a very good spam filter.

  11. i love the first book and i just figured out that theres a second and i allredy want to buy it and i like how you use hints from the cover of the book thats clever.

  12. I love your books!!!!

    I’m moving in Januray and I was wondering if anyone had any advice.

  13. hey cheesie!! you were coming to millbury but you didnt because of the hurracane.STUPID SANDY i wanted to see you.P.S did the hurricane effect you in glouster??????

    1. I have wifi at my house. And, when I don’t want my sister to know I’m on my computer, I can actually get onto Georgie’s wifi because our houses are so close. He told me his password. Cool, huh?

    2. Wifi? Sure. That just allows access to the internet when he’s at my house (or in my backyard). He uses his own devices to access my network. But I do not give my other passwords out to anyone!

  14. i love your book its awsome. i also have been biten by a vampire and i am one. In your second book i like the spitball war i would like to be in it.youre awsome steve cotler.

  15. I love this book so far, but i’m only on page 13. You came to my school Rundlett middle school well the author that wrote about youso I read a little bit of the first book and loved it so I decided to get the 2nd book because my teacher owns the first one! so bye for now i’m hoping to read chessie mack is running like crazy! but bye for real now1

  16. Your book is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO funny! When do you have the time to write these books?

  17. This book is a very interesting because of the funny characters,cute quotes,and don’t forget you the awesome author who wrote this magnificent book. Thank you!!

    Love the reader of this book,darby

  18. Hi cheesie!! I loved your book! I have two questions: what’s the point battle score for right now (like as I am writing this) and are you coming to Tampa (in Florida ) any time soon?

    1. It would be too confusing to put up the real-time Point Battle score.

      I was just in Florida last week (Tallahassee). I may come to Tampa later this year or next year. If your teacher or principal wants me to come, have them send me an email at:


  19. The Best Book Ever! My teacher has a class library, and I recommended her to get this very book and put it there! She absolutely, positively, agreed with me! More than 1/4 of my class has read this book!

  20. I loved this book! I can’t wait to meet you when you visit my school this year. I really want to know who Marci was texting. That part bothered me.

  21. This book was pretty good, although I don’t understand who Marci was texting if it wasn’t her imaginary twin brother

  22. Wow – you’ve done it again! I can’t wait to hand this book to the boys who come to the library looking or something awesome to read. I couldn’t put it down! The scary camp story that you promised was definitely worth the wait! I know this book is going to be very in my library! I eagerly await the next Cheesie Mack book!

    1. Thanks! Coming from a librarian like you, that’s a real compliment. Maybe I can come to your town and visit a school or two.

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