#5-How to Build a Periscope

How to Build a Periscope

periscopePeriscopes are very excellent for spying. Submarines use them to see things above the water while they hide beneath the surface.

The structure of a periscope is actually very simple (although I bet the submarine ones have a lot of special features that make them super-complicated). Basically, a periscope is just a long tube with mirrors positioned at the top and the bottom at 45-degree angles. If you want to look at a freighter carrying ammunition to your enemy or your grandfather sleeping in a chair
(both very likely to explode if you shoot a torpedo at them!), that image comes in through the opening at the top, reflects off the Cotl_9780385369886_art_44_r1angled mirror to the second angled mirror at the bottom…and then into your eye.

I asked Granpa to help me draw up plans for doing this, but he is kind of busy…or sleepy.

I’ll put the plans here soon, however, so come back when you can.


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