Totally Awesome Tricks

My fifth adventure was all about tricks. Please tell me some really cool or fun ways you’ve tricked your friends.

(But no really mean or nasty stuff or I’ll get in trouble with the Internet and my mother…okay?)


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Comments from my Readers & Friends

  1. I love your books! please note that i am using a code name and i read all your books, all the time! my real name is christian, even though i didn’t write that. i hope you make more books and adventures soon, because i would love to read them!

    1. Hi, Gary.
      I am using a code name, too.
      This is really Georgie (I locked Cheesie in his closet!).

  2. Yes I told my little sister that I threw her toothbrush in the toilet then she actually threw mine in the toilet and I was standing right there and I watched the whole thing and the grossest part was there was pee in the toilet…

  3. Hey Cheesie, a got a great trick to pull on goon on the bus (if she even goes on your bus) point at her and say “watch out it’s goon the creature from the black lagoon!” please tell me your gonna do my joke in a future book.

    1. She definitely does not ride the bus with me…because I do not ride a bus to school. But thanks for the suggestion.

  4. If you ever go to your mother or father’s office,you should try hiding something useful.

  5. You know the trick your mom did in the 4th book with the lies and all anyway I did it on my brother and he fell for it. haaaaaaaaaaa

  6. Once one of my friend told me that tree bark tasted good. We both ended up with sore throats.

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