Eureka Indentation (The stuff on this webpage was mentioned on page 224 in my book.)

It's a mystery!I never did figure out about why the word Eureka was dented into the paper that was wrapped around the 1909-S VDB Lincoln cent and the heart necklace? If you have a cool theory, please explain it below.

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Book 1

Mystery, mice, and money at the end of fifth grade!

from my book

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Comments from my Readers & Friends

  1. Dear Ronald (Cheesie) A Mack
    Love the book.Probly Ms G. J. Prott dented it and hid it right when she moved.I think she hid it so noone could find it and sell the coin.

    love Phoenix Mullin

  2. I think that ms. prott indented eureka because she had discovered the coin and the necklace somewhere and didn’t want anyone to see what she wrote so she wrote in invisible ink.

    1. I don’t see how a stamp could imprint onto another piece of paper and make dents.

  3. its because the person who wrote it had to write the adress on the letter and it got indented into the paper

  4. He Lived on eureka ave or whatever so i think it went through the envalope onto the paper

  5. I think the letter said Eureka because it might have been telling Ms.Prott that she found something and a good street with good houses to move into after she was old in age.

  6. Eureka is what Albert Einstein said when he had a breakthrough. I think. Maybe it was Issac Newton?

  7. Well,it’s obvious that “Eureka!” is the motto of California (P.S Proof on the state seal.). So maybe this has a connection to someplace in California?

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  9. it was beacause that may be the place. p.s i go to sherman elementary school and you were great and u barfed on my friend angie

  10. I think it was put there because maybe G,j Prott’s sister FOUND this stuff before she died and so maybe she could have been writing some sort of letter or something and it went through and eureka sort of “leaked through the paper” and it was put there?
    who knows? maybe you shpuld tell G.J Prott about it she will probably know

  11. Maybe someone was writing the address on a piece of paper on top of the dented paper.

  12. My theory is that when Glenora Prott was growing up, she lived in the house on Eureka Avenue along with her family. When she grew up, both she and her sister Elaine moved away, leaving only her mother at the house.
    When Elaine learned she was dying, first she wrote a letter to Glenora, then to her mother, who still lived on Eureka Avenue. As Elaine addressed the letter to her mother, Glenora’s letter was still underneath. Therefore, ‘Eureka’ was imprinted in Glenora’s letter.
    Later, when the Prott mother was growing old, Glenora moved back into the house on Eureka Avenue.
    On page 204, Glenora told you that she’d lived alone since her mother passed away, implying that her mother had once lived in that house with her.

  13. G.J. Prott’s sister wanted to tell her feelings in a single word, not a sentence.


  14. I think that when Ms.Protts sister was writing the letter, she had had another piece of paper under the one she was writing on. In her letter she had said the word, and she had pressed hard enough. Then the letter fell out of the envelope and only the blank page remained.

  15. Maybe somebody found it before Georgie and wrote down the place where m. prott lives, intending to give the things back to her but never did.

  16. The person was a criminal. He was on house arrest at the haunted toad.To tell his partner where he was he engraved EUREKA to give his partner a hint where he was.

  17. Hi Cheesie! I think that Eureaka means that you are either excited or surprised. Thanks, Will

  18. Ronald (Cheesie), I think that Ms. Prott wrote a letter saying she was moving to
    Eureka ave. and maybe the sister wrote Eureka ,but over the years it faded away over time. πŸ™‚


  19. Cheesie, I have really been thinking about my answer since I posted it a while ago
    which was that her sister wanted to make a disappearing ink and when she finally did she sent a letter saying eureka because her disappearing ink would make a lot of money, so she wrote eureka in her disappearing ink. I really do think this is what might have happened. Reply with your thought,
    Love, Emma

    1. Could be, except the word “Eureka” appeared on the paper as a dent when Georgie rubbed a pencil across the paper. Disappearing ink would not make a dent…unless you wrote REALLY HARD. Your idea is very imaginative, however. Maybe someday I’ll ask Ms. Prott…except she gets kind of sad when she thinks about her sister.

    1. I actually meant that maybe eureka was dented into the paper because gj prott lived in eureka avenue. On second thought, maybe it is a watermark.

    2. My dad told me watermarks are built into the paper…kind of like an insignia put their by the factory that makes the paper.

  20. I Think Eureka was dented into the paper because a long time ago before envalopes were invented people had to fold the Paper into quarters and then write the address on one of the outside quarters and when you Write hard enough it will dent the paper. So that is why I think eureka was dented into the paper!!!!!πŸ˜ƒ

  21. I think, that her sister was trying hard to make a ink that dissapears, and that if she did she can make a lot of money, so when she finally did it, she wrote “eureka” because shes gonna make a lot of money and she wrote it in the dissapearing ink so she could show her sister that she could make a lot of money by using her dissapearing ink idea.

  22. Maybe since it was really old, she might have really wrote it, but the writing disappeared and the dent from her writing it was still there.
    Please reply!!

    1. Hmmm. I wonder what kind of ink or pencil would disappear. You’ve got an interesting idea.

  23. I think the paper said EUREKA because the person that wrote it finally found a way to communicate in secret. Please write back.

    1. But the letter was from her sister. I don’t think she needed to communicate in secret.

  24. That was the street that Ms.Prott lived on or maybe that was just the message!

  25. I think my theory is that …… Cause the the saying EUREKA!!!!!(maybe not the exclamation marks in it😳😳😳😳😳) which means I FOUND THE GOLD…EUUUURRRREEEEKKKKAAAA!!!! like when your happy and all in that mood. So maybe the coin is made out of gold or it was really old so it meant a lot to the USA’s history.You should show it to the president.

    P.S. I was from California so you could see how I know these stuff πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

  26. Maybe G. J. wrote the letter on top of the envelop (I know it’s spelled with a P, i just wanted you to know that I read the book)?

  27. maybe georgie had shoes on that were made by a company called eureka. Then he by accedently stepped on it.

    1. Ha! That is very funny. Georgie is a klutz, but I don’t think he stepped on the letter.

    2. That wouldn’t be possible because they said the letter was in a envelope so that would be hard to get through both !!

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