#1-Eureka Evidence Theories

Eureka Indentation

I never did figure out about why the word Eureka was dented into the paper that was wrapped around the 1909-S VDB Lincoln cent and the heart necklace? If you have a cool theory, please explain it below.

Comments from my Readers & Friends

  1. i think that since there is actually a place in california called eureka, the letter must have been mailed from there, probably for the emotional reason.

  2. I’m pretty sure it was either for the street name or to finish the coin collection.*

    *It could of meant ‘Eureaka! this coin finishes your coin collection!’ from g.j.protts sister. but since glenora lost it, she replaced it.

    • Yeah, maybe…but why wouldn’t the house number be next to the street name?

  3. it means i have found it.there was this one guy who didn’t know how to measure mass so he slated (that’s a made up word. it’s a combo of slid and sat) in the bath tub and he notited how the water went up. so he rinted(that’s a mix between ran and sprinted)yelling eureka without putting his pirt (that’s a combo between shirt and pants)back on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. maybe Ms.Prott’s sister indented Eureka so’d she would remember the street but she indented it so no one else would know the street but she accidentally stuck it in the envelope.

    • Someone wrote that more than 50 years before I was born! It wasn’t a message for…for sure!

  5. hello? eureka avenue? writing adress last? first put stuff in the letter. second close the envelope. last fill out info.

  6. i think (well i know) that the envalop (sorry dont know how to spell)says eurka because tit was sent from a place called Eureka

  7. My theory is that June or shall I say Goon indented the letters on the paper to prank Cheesie and Georgie somehow. As for the penny she probably found it in her closet and put it in there just for a joke.

    • Nope, couldn’t be. The envelope was never out of our possession. Goon could not have done that. She’s tricky, but not in this case.

  8. I think maybe when she was looking for a new house she had a peice of paper on top of the envelope and wrote EUREKA on it to remember what street it was on….

    • That’s very clever…except she already lived in the house on Eureka Street. The envelope was addressed there.

    • Not exactly. That’s not what it MEANS. Eureka means (in Greek)…”I have found it.” I think what you meant to say was, “It’s what you SAY when you discover something new and you’re so excited.”

  9. Maybe It was put there for a reason like a love note,because a heart is love,or maybe a strong bond supporting a low-on-money friend.
    or it couldve been rejected and rubbed off if you mark if hard enough.