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What is your favorite food? Would you like to vote in my poll?

(This is NOT a poll for favorite snack or dessert. Maybe I’ll do that on an other webpage someday.)

The choices are in alphabetical order. Pick one! But if you or anyone else in your house has already voted, you don’t get to vote again (all the voting choices will disappear…cool, huh?). You can come back to look at the poll results as many times as you want.

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Comments from my Readers & Friends

    • I like to put everything on my burgers. When I take the first bite, lots gooshes out the sides. (I use tons of napkins!)

        • Yo, Shep.
          I think you may have made a spelling mistake. If you like your burger “patin,” (I looked the word up) it means you want them served on a gold or silver plate!
          If it’s not a mistake, you must be very rich!

  1. Hi I really like your books they are so cool.But I have a question? Did Cheesie Mack as not a genius or anything actually happen in real life????? Please reply back to me as soon as you can! Thank you!!

    • Thanks for reading my book and commenting.
      The question really is what is “real life”? Is Cheesie real? Is Illinois a real place? Who knows? Maybe everything is a dream, and there isn’t really an Ana Simone?
      Everything in my adventures actually-truly-no question happened to me in my books. I am a realistic fiction kid…and that’s the truth.