Favorite Food Poll (The stuff on this webpage was mentioned on page 124 in my book.)

(Voting is below the images.)

brussel sproutstacochicken nuggetChinese take-outhamburgerhot dog lobster (go Gloucester!)Mac 'N' Cheesie (Vote for me!)pizzasow bugs (Do not vote for this choice!)spaghetti (or any other kind of pasta)Thanksgiving turkey dinner with all the trimmings

What is your favorite food? Would you like to vote in my poll?

(This is NOT a poll for favorite snack or dessert. Maybe I’ll do that on an other webpage someday.)

The choices are in alphabetical order. Pick one! But if you or anyone else in your house has already voted, you don’t get to vote again (all the voting choices will disappear…cool, huh?). You can come back to look at the poll results as many times as you want.

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If you clicked “Other”, you can write your favorite food in the Comments section below.

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Comments from my Readers & Friends

    1. Since this is the Favorite Food page, I hope you mean you like to READ the book, not EAT it!

  1. I personally love steak but my sister abby’s favorite is pizza. Please add steak to your food list. Thank you.
    Emily and Abby

  2. I picked other, but I don’t know my favorite food. I do like pork, corn, chicken and things made out of chicken. I think you should have more polls like this. What’s your second favorite food? 😉

    1. I love(!!!) chili dogs. Granpa also loves them, but he says they give him heartburn. I have never had heartburn, so I do not know what he’s complaining about.

  3. if you don’t want us to vote for sow bugs,then why did you put it up to vote?

    1. Because I want to see how many kids would use up their one and only vote for something ridiculous. It’s kind of a Cheesie-ish scientific experiment about the way kids behave.

    1. Sorry, Rivkie, but yikes! You waited only ONE MINUTE and then wondered why I didn’t reply. I was outside playing baseball with Georgie. I needed the exercise. Sometimes I don’t reply for a day or two. Remember, I’m writing my third book right now, so I’m kind of bizzy! But mostly, I’m pretty good at replying.

  4. Cheesie, you said in the book that there is a game about words.WHERE IS IT?!?!?!?! I CANT FIND IT!!!!!!!!!!please reply

  5. CHEESIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love both pizza and “Mack” n’ cheese but I voted for “Mack” n’ cheese since you like it! 🙂

  6. Hey Cheesie, I ate a sow bug raw by accident when I was sleeping and it tastes so DISGUSTING!! It dropped in my mouth after I called it Kevin LOL. Please reply.

  7. how come you can only vote once my friend voted then i was going to but it didn’t let me. PLZ fix it

    1. The poll is set up for one vote per computer. That because some kids tried to vote a thousand times. If you go to another computer you can vote.


    1. I do, too! (Just so you know, I put the silent g’s into your comment. Isn’t it weird how silent letters sneak into words. How about “light?” What’s that g doing in there?)

    1. As it says on page 146,
      “If someone cooked and ate a sow bug, would it taste like shrimp or lobster? Or would it be disgustingly gross? I am not going to try it, and the people who published this book don’t want you to try it, either. So . . . DON’T TRY IT! AND DON’T EMAIL ME!”


    1. I don’t know how cheese is so amazing but it is P.S. The book was amazing but it could have used more cheese

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