My Birthday (The stuff on this webpage was mentioned on page 224 in my book.)

Delish! Lime-flavored filling between the cake layers. Yum!
My mom did not want any of us messing up the living room, so she put this sign up. The symbol at the bottom means radioactive danger. She fibbed. There was no radioactivity at my party.

At the very end of my book, I mentioned how super cool and very different my eleventh birthday party was. (August 16.) It was a science party. If you think a science birthday party would be maximum nerdy, you’re just completely wrong! It was maximum, unstoppable fun!

We made fake snow by adding lots of water (the snow felt dry!) to this powdery plastic polymer material that is kind of like the stuff they put in diapers (ew!). We did all kinds of experiments where substances changed color with the addition of tiny drops of chemicals. We squirted one special kind of liquid (that we pre-colored) into a different special kind of liquid to make cool-looking plastic worms. I made a worm that was two feet long! Georgie made a worm moustache.

I taped this on Goon’s door. I thought she’d be upset. Actually, she liked it!
This went on Mom’s office door. She didn’t want any kids messing around her computer stuff.

diet coke with mentos
Best of all was when we did the Mentos-in-soda experiment. Doesn’t everybody do that? We went into the back yard and put Mentos into a big bottle of soda and made a geyser shoot out. It was great! I was hoping it would rain soda down on Goon, but no such luck.

If you had a super cool and very different birthday party, please tell me and everyone else who reads this webpage all about it.

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Comments from my Readers & Friends

  1. The best birthday ive ever had was when i went to triple play.That place is awesome.It has an arcade,awave pool with 3 awesomelly awesome water slides,laser tag,go karts,bumper boats,and a lot of other fun things.

  2. There was a quiet room and a whisper room (I was in the quiet room) and the whisper room was actually a bunch of girls talking loudly to my 6th grade sister Rachael. Anyway, I went in there (getting madder) then I said, “we need to all go to sleep because it is three o’clock in the morning!” Then my friends (or so called “friends”) started hitting me with a pillow even if it was MY party. I then pushed Rachael ( again, my sister) and then she ran into a girl named Elsie who’s nose started to bleed. My mom woke up even over her snoring and then sent me up to my room to spend the night in there. (we were downstairs and my room is upstairs) Elsie’s dad came and was about to take her home but she said she wanted to stay. She said her nose bled normally but she is nice so I know she was making it up. I think I just invited 13 people because I wanted a lot of presents (by the way they all came and my party was when I was 7, which I am 10 now.) I will never invite any of those people to another b-day party ever again, except maybe my next door neighbors, Margaret and Virginia.

  3. Awesomeness beyond! First I got to see diary of a wimpy kid
    dog days, (It was on 9-29-12)and then I had a sleepover with my 2 bestest friends!

  4. Once, I went to The Peanut Man (AWESOME candy store) for my B-Day party. It was fun. We made lots of candies (or dipped them in chocolate hahahahahahahahaha) I had a BLAST. I’ve also been to a science B-Day party and it was super-fun.

  5. What does IMO stand for??? Whenever you mention it in your books you confuse me so much!!!!

  6. That seemed like a lot of fun. Last year, when I turned nine, I planned a mini indoor luau sleepover party,(my birthday is in the winter) but it turned out that my friend had turned on the Wii, and we started to dance for a long time, even in the morning, before we had to go home.

  7. When I turned seven I had a birthday party at a jump castle place. My aunt had just gotten me some jean shorts and a t-shirt. And as I went on the Cliff Hanger (where you fall onto a slide from twenty feet up) I slid down and while I did I got a serious burn and scar on the back of my legs AND on my back. OUCH! But, overall it was AWESOME!

  8. My last birthday my best friends and I ( Alyssa and Ryann) Ryann is a girl) went out for ice cream at Inn The Oven, painted pottery at the Glazing Pot, and then went to Mimi’s Steakhouse for dinner! It was awesome! Oh and my little pest (sister) was there to!

    1. Last year I had a Harry Potter themed party! He’s awesome! So’s J. K. Rowling! ( I’ve read the 1st 4 books and am begging my mom to read the 5th one!

  9. I never had a birthday party. The only thing i get on my birthday is food i like and something small. Sometimes i dont even get it. I even might have to pay it for myself.

  10. My brother got a Mentos pack and diet cola for Christmas last year. We havn’t done it yet, but i’ve seen it on, like, Mythbusters and it’s AWESOME!! And my last birthday party was January 21, 2012 and (this is a little girly but I’m a girl) We got to decorate 2 cupcakes. 1 chocolate, 1 normal (vanilla?) Well my friend got the thing of icing and SQUEEZED it into her mouth! Another friend was looking for the icing my other friend had eaten. (9 people including me came) We drank fruit punch and at lunch at school my friend and I make “soup”. We get about 2 inch cups and fill it with water, milk, and other things depending on the menu at school. We did that at Iced (where I had my party) and I took a picture of it. It had icing, (all the flavors) fruit punch, and sprinkles. Then we opened gifts then had a dance party. It was SO FUN!

  11. For my birthday,which is 1/9 I had a Little Ceasers pizza party and a cat cupcake cake that had very rich icing with my sister Ashlyn and my cousins Jarrod and Allie then we played my Wii and two dance games which is Micheal Jackson the Experince and the Smruf’s Dance Party.And my present was a Nook lite just in case you wanted to know!

    1. My grandmother Meemo is at my house. She just read your comment and wanted to know if you are going to wear a “poodle skirt.” (I have no idea what that is.)

  12. I had a candy party, my dad’s work supplied a popcorn machine and my aunt made a trash cake, (its a cake of your choice, and your choice of any candy in it) it was great!! We cut candy out of paper! We stayed up till 2:00 am! Then at 6:00 am we got up and went outside. It was awesome!!

  13. Hi Cheesie, I remeber when you came to my school (Pleasant Hill Elem.) Anyways I turned 10 years old on Dec. 25 (This is true!)We went to my grandma’s house first and said “Hi.” Then went home to open our presents! I was so excited when I unwrapped The Book Of World Records! There are lots of amazing facts in there. BTW did you know Bill Gates is the 2nd richest person in the world! You should get the book Cheesie. Anyways,my birthday party was Christmas themed like any other Christmas birthday. Then, my mom made pizza and we has a saucey mess! Then, for the party games we got my WiiU out and played Nintendo Land all night. Well I guess this is goodbye Cheesie. Please remeber to respond!

    Your BIGGEST fan,
    Sebastian. 🙂

    1. Sorry for the delay. I was having vacation fun after finishing writing Book #4 in my series. Christmas and birthday together must be double fun! Your Bill Gates comment gave me an idea, so I looked up who is the richest in the world. It’s Carlos Slim. He lives in Mexico, and he is worth $76.4 billion! I then used my calculator to figure this out. If Mr. Slim spent $1 million every day and didn’t earn any more money while he was spending what he already has, it would take him over 209 years to spend all his fortune!

  14. My party was at Medieval Times in Buena Park, California. (That’s where I’m from.) I had two friends and was turning 9. We watched knights and soldiers cling swords. We also had some surprisingly not cheap dinner! We munched on chicken, toast, and soup. Our mugs held soda and when we liked a part of the show, we’d cling our mugs and wave our flags. At the end my mom took pictures of us with the knight we like best: Sir Green. Then we found the Princess and got an autograph. Best day ever. Let me know if you agree or not or whatever!:-) Your best fan. Eden Sue Jones, age nine (Please don’t make fun of my last name! People call me Indiana Jones even though I’m a girl.) (And don’t make fun of my first name saying I’m from Sweeden either. I’m from Buena Park.) Please RSVP by the day after Thanksgiving.

    1. Your bday sounds like it was much-much fun! I like medieval stuff. My dad told me when he was a kid, Grandpa made him a super-terrif Halloween knight’s costume out of cardboard and aluminum foil, and my dad won first prize in a costume contest at school. And I think your name is very cool. If someone has a common last name like Jones, she should have an unusual first name. And I think Eden is very interesting. I have never met a girl named Eden…until now! (and BTW, you are a very good writer. I was not so good when I was 9!

    2. seems like a lot of fun! usually i don’t get to go anywhere for my birthday, but maybe i will convince my mom to have a party with a few people (like 4 or 5) to come over for a 45 minute swim in our local pool, then go home and have a sleepover.

  15. Hey cheesie I think that soda thing is awesome and my sister is just like goon so I’m going to do it right at her face also what is the score for the point battle now

    1. I guess if you’re 16, and you’re still reading Clifford the Big Red Dog, you probably wouldn’t like my books. But that’s okay.
      Luv ya,

  16. On my 5th birthday we did a snow party. Dad and Papa made a ton of fake snow that was really cold and yucky to eat and my friends and I took turns sliding down the slope in our front yard and making fake yucky snow angels.

  17. once on my 5th birthday I had a horse birthday party
    It was very fun because my neighbor brought her horses to my house so we could ride and my grandfather gave me a pet lizard, i named her Bubbles
    Now I am 11 and I still have my lizard
    I am in 6th grade like u

  18. OMG SO COOL!!!!!!!!

  19. at my b-day i played paint bal and had !!4!! capture thhe flag
    style games. my friend said you can give me paintball advice
    because you gave him advice too.


    1. I have no advice because I am a terrible shot, and the only time I ever played paintball I got CREAMED!

  20. cheesie my 9 year old bbday im 11 now but i had a slippen slide and right when we started to play i hit my head in meddle and i could not play so i hade a nouther party

  21. If I poured a bunch of diet coke into a BOTTLE of mentos, put the cap on, shook the bottle, then opened it, what would happen?

    1. I wouldn’t do it. The pressure would build up…and then spurt out all over. Or maybe the bottle would burst. Sounds dangerous.

  22. On my birthday I completey fell asleep! We were watching The Hunger Games. Do you like that movie Cheesie? I did, but I was just so tired! Should I watch it again?

    1. Oh, no!
      I fell asleep in the movies once, but that’s because the film was soooo boring.
      I have not yet seen The Hunger Games, so I can’t give you any advice about it.

    1. Great question.
      I asked Mr. Amato, my very smart science teacher. He said it would fizz and bubble a lot, but not explode or squirt out or anything because the opening at the top of the bucket is so wide there would be no pressure. But it would be a good way to waste a lot of Mentos and Coke!

  23. For mine we did a game of quiditch from harry potter it was fun but in the end everyone was SO tired!

    1. Ha! Sounds like a lot of fun. Georgie and I did something like that, but it ended in disaster. I wrote about it in my third book (which will come out next year).

  24. Well, I’m allergic to eggs and everyone with a decent mind will know that almost every bakery uses eggs in a cake. So for my 11th and 12th birthday, a close friend of our family found a great no egg recipe and we made a huge chocolate cake and orange cupcakes! It was awesome! 🙂 Also, the chocolate recipe gave me a brilliant idea which will soon be my award-winning, avant-garde, awesomest cupcake recipe ever!! 🙂

    1. Sorry it took me so long to answer this. I had to ask my grandmother Meemo about what you wrote because I did not know it was possible, but she says she has a great recipe just like yours. YUM!

  25. mine was a pewy (terrible!) but i hated it because it was at a boys house and i got a coffee cake. which i was allowed to eat!!!!!

  26. My birthday this year didn’t go as planned. I got sick an hour before my party started. I was so bummed! We planned it 6 months later. My friend had a broken arm at it. It was still quite fun!

    1. on the last day of my summer camp, we had a party and next door old people where doing Zumba, so me and my friend decided to join in
      It was actually pretty fun.
      P.S. I love ur books I read 2 of them

    2. My mom does zumba. I cannot dance very well, but if you read my second book, you already know that!

    1. I like watching professional soccer. It’s amazing how good they are. Sounds like a fun birthday!

  27. You would really like mythbusters. They do aaaaaaalllllllllllllllllllll that crazy stuff and tons more! They even have a coke and mentos episode!!!!


      i have a shirt that quotes adam:

      “i reject your reality, and substitute my own”


  28. At my last birthday I went to 6flags.(the theme park.) and rode the american eagle. This birthday (tomorrow!!!!) I am going to key lime cove.(wisconsin.) and we are going on the biggest.(dun) badest.(dun) rollarcoster ever!!!!!

  29. For my tenth birthday (I’m 12 now…) I had a sleepover at my church, it was really fun, and we played a game a made up called balloon charades, where you pop a baloon, read the charade, and do it!

  30. on my birthday it was halloween theme we all had costume played games talked had fun then slept in a tent that i bought after 4 months of saving

  31. we were bowling on my birthday party and everybody was cheating by using this thing that helps you bowl

    1. Like I said in my book, I do not like cheating. If you cheat, you cannot really tell how good you are.

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