#1-Sow Bugs

Sow Bugs

Sow bugs are my favorite “insects,” mainly because they are not insects. They are actually crustaceans, like lobster and shrimp. Here’s what they look like, just in case you don’t know what a sow bug is.

Sow bug is the name I learned, but in science we learned there lots of other names for the same non-insect: roly-poly, pill bug, woodlouse, etc. If you have other names or know something really interesting about them, please comment below.

I did a report on sow bugs. Here it is.

Comments from my Readers & Friends

  1. My family calls them potato bugs. I have no idea whatsoever, why.
    P.S I love Cheesie Mack!!!! Great Story.

    • Lots of people call them potato bugs. I don’t know why either. They certainly do NOT look like little potatoes…and they do not eat potatoes or live inside them. It’s a mystery.

  2. i found a nest of littile baby sow bugs under a steping stone 🙂 i love sow bugs , they are so cute !

  3. Chessie I wanted to tell you something I made up. Sow bugs
    are the sisters of sows [pigs]

  4. I tried to keep sow bugs as a pet when I was 5. They lasted 16 days. Pretty good for a sow bug!

  5. I call sow bugs roly-polies and another name for them can be shield bugs because thier shell is like a shield.

  6. My mom says that she used to call them potato bugs. Another thing to call them are pill bugs. They are my FAVORITE kind of bug! 🙂

  7. Sometimes I call it a potatoe bug. But I mainly use rollypolly.
    By the way I LOVE your book I picked it up last night and I am on pg 145. My goal’s to finish it tonight!

    • Very good name.
      Did you know Rounders is the name of a very old game that was one of the games that baseball was based on?