#1-Evidence in Goon’s Pocket

After my father looked in the back pocket of Goon’s shorts, he said, “Based on the evidence, I know exactly what occurred.”

Later I asked Dad about the evidence, but he said, “Case closed.”

It’s a mystery to me. If you have a good idea of what my Dad knew, please comment below.

Comments from my Readers & Friends

  1. I think he saw the stubs or the stubs somehow stained goons
    shorts 🩳

    • That definitely could’ve been what happened. Those shorts are long gone, so no way to prove or disprove.

  2. I think that Goon is lying and the ticket stubs are in her pocket. Or maybe the ticket stubs are in Kevin’s pockets.

    • Thanks, Makena. (I have seen your name spelled lots of different ways: McKenna, MacKenna, Mikenna, M’Kenna, etc. Very cool.)

  3. I think that your dad had gotten a call from the principle in advance,therefore knowing what happened,so even if there was nothing in the Goon’s pocket,he still could bust her.

  4. so,you know how red paper would get wet and would dye something red? that’s probably what happened considering that she probably took them out.

  5. I think that your dad was tricking you guys that he didn’t really see anything in there, and he really did.

  6. Hi, Cheesie!
    My theory is that your dad looked in Goon’s pocket and saw no tickets, but acted like he saw some. This confused/worried Goon (she might have gotten rid of the tickets before) and so she told the truth. *SPOILER* This could have worked on her because in Running like Crazy, you made up the story about analyzing her pen, and she fell for it.

    • That is a really good analysis, but I was there when he looked in her pocket…and nothing like what you said actually happened.