Evidence in Goon's Pocket? (The stuff on this webpage was mentioned on page 161 in my book.)

blue jean shortsAfter my father looked in the back pocket of Goon’s shorts, he said, “Based on the evidence, I know exactly what occurred.”

Later I asked Dad about the evidence, but he said, “Case closed.”

It’s a mystery to me. If you have a good idea of what my Dad knew, please comment below.

Book 1

Mystery, mice, and money at the end of fifth grade!

from my book

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Comments from my Readers & Friends

  1. i think in my opion that goon threw away the tickets at school cause if i got caught doing any thing thats what i would due he he

  2. i think Goon threw away the ticket,but it was just yours cheesie,so your dad found Georgie’s???

  3. Since it was a water party, some kid splashes water on Goon, and since the ticket stubs were bright and easily seen red, and the shorts were maybe kind of cheap, the red, wet stuff puts a stain onto her shorts, and dad sees the red stain.

    1. That is a very clever possibility. But I didn’t get to see inside the pocket, so…maybe right…maybe not.

    2. i never realy thought about it that way your probly right chessie you should tell your dad and tell me what he says tell him i said ” goon did it i promise…… and you should check the pokets before he washes it”
      thanks brianna

    3. That had been my thought. You beat me to the punch!

      The tickets bled just a little (but enough). That’s why it was important that they were BRIGHT red.

    1. Trevor G & Ashley—
      Goon is very smart and very devious. I do not think she’d make the mistake of leaving the stubs in her pocket. It must’ve been something else.

  4. Goon probubly knew the tickets were in her pocket because she did it.So she confessed.The ticket stubswere in her pocket.
    from, Ashley

    1. I’m sure the stubs were thrown away. She’s definitely not dumb. But the dye…hmmm, maybe.

    1. You know, you are probably at least partly right. Dads seem to know lots of things that kids don’t.

  5. June’s shorts might of been soggy from the wet tickets or the black lettering on the ticket came off in her back pocket.

  6. i think your dad had saw the tickets but didnt tell you guys so there wont be anymore arguing (i love your book mostly beacuse my friends call me cheese too)

  7. I’m on the website, but i’m only on page 147!;)I started last week and I posted this september 4th.

  8. it had to be something from the ticket or dad said he found evidence but he really didn’t. those are really the only the logical answers.because by what goon did at the party,she has to be smart enough to take the ticket and the ticket stubs out of her back pocket.so cheesie,dad was helping you out that time.
    p.s- i can’t belive that Im on the website and i haven’t finished the book.Im hooked to your site!

    1. Shelbie & Jack–
      I don’t think it was the ticket stubs. Goon is smart. I’m sure she would have thrown out the stubs after walking away from the party. It must’ve been something else.

  9. Jarrett & Lizzy–

    Ticket evidence in her pocket seems like the obvious answer, and that’s what I think is most likely, but there’s always the possibility my dad didn’t find anything, and he was trying to get Goon to confess. Look at Aiden’s comment below.

  10. i think that if your dad found the tickets he would punish her right away so i think he was trying to trick goon.

    1. You may be right. My dad can be pretty tricky. He might not have seen anything, and just I asked. He wouldn’t tell.

  11. Goon is a diabolical mastermind!You don’t need to be a genius to know that.

  12. I don’t know what my dad really found (or if he found anything at all…he might’ve been bluffing my sister). But all your answers are pretty good possibilities.

  13. If they were stained into her pockets, how do you know that they were washed away? have you noticed any red patches in your clothes?

  14. OH! Also, when I leave paper in my pockets, it crumbles up and gets less colourful. Maybe she scooped the ticket out, but left one tiny pinkish crumble on the bottom.

  15. She probably had 1/4 of a wet stub in her pocket or something, because wet things (especially paper) stick.

    1. In the first book Goons ‘boyfriend’ took Cheesie & Georgie’s tickets. and ‘dad’ said he had evidence in her pockets. Understand now?

  16. I think she threw them away when she entered the house that day but there may have been some type of stain in that spot unless she changed her pants.

  17. There might have been red ink or numbers that had rubbed of in her pants pocket after she got her pants wet.

  18. IF your dada wont tell,sneak into her room and steal her pants, then look inside, maybe these people are correct and the pants were stained!

    1. Won’t work. Goon made sure they went into the washing machine immediately after Dad gave them back to her.

    2. good idea for revenge on Goon: set up a tent and have a bunch of nerf guns and lay siege to her room.
      (just a suggestion, do not really try this unless all else fails.)

    3. Terrible idea! I’d never get away with it, and my parents would ground me for a decade.

  19. Maybe her pants got wet at the party (remember the slip’n’slide) and some of the RED ink got on her pants pocket.

  20. Maybe when she threw them away dad saw some faded numbers from the ink and figured it out.

    1. Faded numbers from the ink…maybe on the cloth inside her pocket, huh? Could be.
      You’d make a good detective.

    1. Nah, I don’t think so. Goon is really clever about her sneakiness. I am sure she would have thrown the ticket stubs away before she got home.

    1. i agree.
      if the tickets melted…
      …there would be a red stain on her pants…
      …explaining why she threw them in the washing machine immediately after your dad gave them back.

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