Evidence in Goon's Pocket? (The stuff on this webpage was mentioned on page 161 in my book.)

blue jean shortsAfter my father looked in the back pocket of Goon’s shorts, he said, “Based on the evidence, I know exactly what occurred.”

Later I asked Dad about the evidence, but he said, “Case closed.”

It’s a mystery to me. If you have a good idea of what my Dad knew, please comment below.

Book 1

Mystery, mice, and money at the end of fifth grade!

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Comments from my Readers & Friends

  1. to ceesie dad,
    please tell me what happend but what i think is she spilt water or somthing and staned her pants.

  2. Half of our class thinks the tickets were in Goon’s pocket. The other half of our class thinks the tickets fell out.

    1. I am very sure the tickets were NOT in her pocket. She is way to smart to leave them in there. She would’ve thrown them away. But I don’t know what Dad saw.

  3. maybe she switched them with some blue tickets so if your dad asked you what color they were, they might seem like they are different tickets….. so maybe she forgot to switch them and it ended up staying in her pockets.

  4. i think you should tomato juice in goons face at night when she is sleeping so when she wakes up she tastes it then she freaks out

    1. Jenny & Tom—
      Wow! Both ideas would get me in really big trouble. (And I would lose points in the Point Battle.)

    2. An excellent way to get points without getting in trouble.

      1. When you, your parents and goon are out of the house, create a distraction that frames goon.

      2. then while your parents are investigating, insult/yell at/whatever gets you points to goon in front of everyone about the distraction.

      EPIC RIGHT/\?

    1. :O REALLY?

      if there was nothing at all then maybe he saw something on goons face, or the way she acted, and not in her shorts?

  5. Ya, I think the ink rubbed onto herr pocket or there was a bit of red ticlket that got ripped of in her pocket. What do you think cheesie?

  6. Probs saw her when she came home and the black ink from getting wet plus the bright stub = GOON IS BUSTED

    P.S. why do u call her goon I thought it was because u think she is a goon

  7. Since they were at a water party, I think there might’ve been some sort of mark, like the ticket stub rubbed off a little, and since the stub was bright red, there might’ve been a little red mark on her pocket!

    1. That is excellent detective thinking. I bet you’re right. But my dad won’t say. I HAVE ASKED a million times.

  8. a note from kevin saying he loves her….??or maybe something bad that kevin and her did

    1. I don’t think so. Goon is way too clever to leave evidence as obvious as that.

  9. i bet it was the raffle tic. or it was some note from her boyfriend about the incident

    1. A note from Kevin…? Wow, good idea. I never thought about that possibility.

  10. I think that only one of the ticket stubs were in goons pocket. Anthony losito

  11. We think dad found pieces of the red tickets in Goon’s pocket.
    Dad was calling Goon’s Bluff, by beating around the bush to get to confess.

  12. I think he knew it was supposed to be a water park party she got wet sometime because she took it in the beginning of the party.The bright red tickets got wet and the color got on her shorts.So he knew that if it were there a trace of red would be there. BOOM.

    1. That makes a lot of sense, but I have NO WAY of knowing if it’s true because my dad is not talking.

    1. Goon’s diary is locked in her room, and I’d be murdered if I ever got caught reading it.

    2. i got idea of not getting caught hide the diary your self and read it that way she wont know but if there’s a key look for the key first

    1. I think that was very rude to point out online to a stranger because I bet you would hate if someone pointed out you were a bad speller. And by the way, YOU spelled “speller” wrong!!!!!!

      PS:You are a bad speller

    1. Goon is too smart to leave the stubs in her pocket. It had to have been something else.

  13. he probably looked in the shorts because when you crumple something up your pocket{s} will stick out

  14. He found a tiny but of a ticket in her pocket that she didn’t get out. That is what I think.

  15. there was nothing ticket may never have been whatever that word was anywho it was just a trick to make her confess. either that or she may not remember throwing them away.

    1. Yes, but I prefer not to use them. Since I’m a writer, I prefer words, not symbols. 🙂 (hee hee)

    1. Did the pants go through the washer,because the shreds might have been in there

  16. maybe there was a small piece of paper left in the shorts and just maybe it was the color that you said that it was.

  17. I think Goon probably had threw away the tickets. Knowing her brother was probably goint to tell, but made the mistake of leaving a ticket behind.

    1. Wow! Thanks. I wish the second book could come out sooner, but you’ll have to wait until June.

  18. When he looked in her pockets,he found the two tickets, wich were described light red.Then he probably decided that he should keep it secret.So when Cheesie asked about the evidince,he said,”Case closed.”

  19. I think that a piece of your, or Georgie’s, ticket must have gotten ripped off when Goon took the tickets out of her pants to throw them away. That’s probably why your Dad asked about the COLOR. Do you think your Dad will EVER tell you?

    1. Yeah, maybe a piece was there. But as for telling, my dad said, “Case closed.” He will never tell.

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