#4-Alphabet Without Vowels

The Alphabet Without Vowels

One morning, Granpa pulled this trickery on me (it’s in my book):

“Clap your hands three times.”alphabet
I clapped.
He flipped my egg over. “Grab your left ear with your right hand, hop on your right foot, and spin around twice.”
I grabbed, hopped, and spun.
“Now say the alphabet forward and backward, leaving out all the vowels.”
I messed it up.

I couldn’t do it. But I got Granpa to record it so you could listen to how it’s done.

Try this on your family. See if anyone can say this as well as Granpa. Then tell me how you did below in the Comment section.

Comments from my Readers & Friends

    • I showed this to Granpa, and he said, “I’d like to meet that Joshua fellow. He seems like a real smart cookie!”