The Alphabet Without Vowels

One morning, Granpa pulled this trickery on me (it’s in my book):

“Clap your hands three times.”alphabet

I clapped.

He flipped my egg over. “Grab your left ear with your right hand, hop on your right foot, and spin around twice.”

I grabbed, hopped, and spun.

“Now say the alphabet forward and backward, leaving out all the vowels.”

I messed it up.

I couldn’t do it. But I got Granpa to record it so you could listen to how it’s done.

Try this on your family. See if anyone can say this as well as Granpa. Then tell me how you did below in the Comment section.

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Comments from my Readers & Friends

    1. I showed this to Granpa, and he said, “I’d like to meet that Joshua fellow. He seems like a real smart cookie!”

  1. OH MY GOODNESS Cheesie your Granpa is insane!!!!!(No offense to Granpa,he’s cool.)

  2. hi cheesie i can’t do it but i already knew what a double youlcker egg was

    sorry i don’t know how to spell it

    1. Good-o! It’s hard to do unless you practice (or cheat and have the letters in front of you…written out).

  3. They would just say, “Honey, I’m busy right now. Ask me later.” I’m not even going to.

  4. Hey yo chessie TONS of people think SUPER LONG books like yours are stuff like a dictionary so they dont read ’em, thats why books like diary of a wimpy kid are kinda well people like them more i found your first book on a kindle (tablet ONLY used for reading) so i did’nt know how long (and epic) it was sooooo you should try to wright books in parts like part 1 and part 2 please try this it WILL help 😀
    P.s. I’m 8 yeats old and my name is borna (that’s my real name)
    BYEeeeeeee :'(

    1. I never thought of my books as being SUPER LONG. You are the first to comment about its being too long. Hmmm.

  5. I have tried it. Sometimes I get mixed up. It is really hard. How does your grandpa do it so good.:|

  6. I have been reading your latest book and i am loving it so far. BTW,when i find what the thing you found in chapter 2 is i will tell you

  7. Cheesie, I loved your latest book. If you happen to come across something in your 5th book and need a name you are always welcome to use my name or my sister Kensi’s name.P.S I loved all your books and really wish I could talk to you in person but like they say you’re ine Gloucester and I am in California. Sincerely, Brooklyn

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