#4-Favorite Cheers

Favorite Cheers

Granpa once told me his favorite high school cheer was:

cheerleader rvHit hat hee,
Kick ’em in the knee!
Hit hat hut,
Kick ’em in the other knee!

I think it’s hilarious, but when I suggested it to my math teacher, Ms. Hammerbord—she’s in charge of the RLS cheerleaders—she nixed it.

Do you get why it’s funny?

If not, let me ask this question? Why doesn’t the last line rhyme? Maybe it’s because the last word is not supposed to be “knee.” Maybe it’s supposed to be another part of your body that rhymes with “hut.”

Do you have a favorite cheer? Hey, you could tell me what it is in the comment section below.

Comments from my Readers & Friends

  1. Hey hey you you know what to do! You got to rock with orange and roll with the blue (that was my cheer!)

    • My school colors are red and blue. So we could yell, “Hey hey you you know what to do! You got to rock with red and roll with the blue.”

  2. Hi, my name is Aria.My favorite cheer is: When you are up, you are up.when you are down you are down.but when you are up against the blue eyes, you are upside down!

  3. I made this cheer up for cheesie…
    Who is awesome Cheesie Mack
    Always ready to attack
    Beats up fighters with a book
    Will amaze the meanest crook
    With the power of words he uses
    Will give everyone the worst bruises
    Please write more I beg you lots
    I am crashing all my pans and pots

    • Your cheer is awesome, cool, and neat.
      It makes me want to leave my seat.
      I’ll stand up tall and jump real high
      And shout your name up to the sky.
      So ready or not, I’m ready to go!
      You’re a Cheesie friend…Hello, Jello!

  4. I think it should go like this…
    Hit Hat Hee,
    Kick em in the knee
    Hit Hat Hut,
    Kick em in the butt

  5. My friends mom said her favorite high school cheer was “COME ON TEAM, LET’S ATTACK, LET’S GO RED,WHITE,AND BLACK!

    • I like this one:

  6. My fave cheer goes like this “M! O! V! E! MOVE, THAT, BALL!!!!!”
    P.S. I was thinking that the cheer your granpa said might have gone “Hit hat hee! kick ’em in the knee! hit hat hut, kick ’em in the gut!”