#4-Famous Buildings

Famous Buildings

Georgie and I met the mayor of Gloucester inside our City Hall. It’s probably the most famous building in our town and maybe on all of Cape Ann. Here’s what it looks like.

Gloucester City Hall hi-res

Photo courtesy of Maggie Rosa, Chair of the Gloucester City Hall Restoration Commission    (Thanks, Ms. Rosa!)

Do you see that little window above the clock all the way at the top of the highest tower? I’m going to ask the mayor (the next time I see her) if I can go up there and look out.

Have you ever been inside a famous building?

Please tell me about it (if you feel like it).

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Comments from my Readers & Friends

  1. I have been to a lot of famous places. we never settle we are always on the road because my mom said since I am home schooled that in school you learn about these places and they dont visit the places in school but I do get to go there and I am special so I guess that is fun right. we spend one night there and the next day we leave to see another famous place. I got to dance in a famous museum one time they over 1,000 people waching it was the best time ever and I got to get teached by a famous person called summer a famous ballet teacher and is a great preformer i love the books bye

    • WOW!
      You are very fortunate to have such wonderful adventures. If I had those adventures, I’d write a book about them!

  2. This isn’t REALLY famous, but I went to the sky deck in the Sears (now Willis) tower in Chicago. (since I live there.)

  3. I went to the palace of Versailles on vacation. I’ve also been to a cemetery in Normandy where a lot of soldiers who died in WWII are buried. It’s also quite possible that I am the youngest person to raise the flag on Normandy (I was 13 at the time.)

    • That’s amazing. I have never been to Normandy, but I have watched movies and documentaries about WWII. It must’ve been very emotionally moving to raise the flag. You should write something about that experience.

      • It was extremely moving for most of the people I was on tour with, but I was kind of confused by it. However, I now realize just what an honor it was.

  4. I have always wanted to go some place exciting and I did ,I went to the parliament building in Ottawa,Ontario (in Canada). I saw whatever you would see but I thought it was actually pretty cool in there.

  5. I’ve been to the Eiffel Tower, arch de triumph, the Willis tower, art institute of Chicago, Golden Gate Bridge,the vatican, the duomo, SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS stadium , Galileo muse am (saw his legit finger it’s in the museum), signing hall liberty bell and to the a author u came to our school and u asked if we wanted to get the new books and signed and u had to pay for them and I turned in my forms and I never got my books or anything signed 🙁

  6. Hi Cheesie! I’ve been to a lot of places like the whitehouse, the capital building, and stuff like that! Also I reaaaaaly like your books!!!!!!! 🙂