#4-You in the Future

You in the Future

If you’re like most kids, you sometimes wonder what you’ll be when you grow up.

georgie 21

When Georgie, Oddny, Lana, and I talked about it, here’s what we said:

Georgie started. “In ten years I will be a Navy jet pilot. Or maybe Air Force.”

Oddny 31

Oddny went next. “I’m going to double Georgie. In twenty years I’ll be thirty-one, so I will be a scientist like my father, and I will be married and have two kids, and I will travel all over the world studying oceans and fish.”

Lana 51Lana said, “In forty years—I’m doubling Oddny—I’ll be fifty-one, and I’ll be living in a big city. I mean, I really like Gloucester and all that, but if I’m going to be a doctor doing research on diseases, I think I’ll work at a big hospital or university or something.”

cheesie 91Finally it was my turn. “I’ll double Lana. So, in eighty years I’ll be ninety-one, older than my grandfather. But maybe being that old will be different then, so maybe I’ll still be having adventures and still be writing books.”

“Yeah,” Georgie said, “the title will be Cheesie Mack Is Getting New False Teeth.

What will you be doing in the future?

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  1. In only 3 years I will be a babysitter raising money 💰 for about 10 years then I will become an actress😁