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Here’s a trick that will help you remember the color spectrum. Just memorize this boy’s name: Roy G. Biv. The letters are the first letters of each color, in order!

(Violet and purple are pretty much the same…and I stuck pink in the list because I think it kind of should be included.)

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Comments from my Readers & Friends

    1. If my sister’s name was Violet instead of June, I’d call her “Violent.”

    1. Interesting choices. My other grandfather (Gumpy) has red geraniums in his garden. I will tell him you like the color. He’ll be very pleased.

    1. My Granpa used to have a car that was periwinkle colored. He said it was a girl, so he called her Winkie.

  1. Interestingly enough, pink used to be a boys color and blue a girls’ color until the 1940’s when Germany was under dictatorship. Pink triangles were placed on male inmates as signs of shame.

    1. It’s interesting because nobody is born hating colors. It’s ideas forced onto us by society.

  2. Hi Cheesie I love your books! They are spectacular! I especially love your made up words! They are fab! Your biggest fan Jaime

  3. i dont understand why people dont like violet i mean come on 9% are you serious dont they know that violet is purple

  4. My favorite color is yellow. I drive everyone crazy in my class about yellow, and moaning Myrtle. It is very fun.

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