#3-Jet Stilts Plans

How to Make Your Own Jet Stilts

Cheesie on stilts!

It is fun and easy to walk around on stilts. And they are not too hard to build.

You will need:

Two 2 x 4’s (at least 6’ long…any lumber yard has them)
stilts[1]Saw, drill, hammer
Long screws
Small nails
Wood glue (optional)

Since you will be using power tools, my mom insists I warn you that adult supervision is an absolutely non-negotiable requirement!

1. Cut a short piece from each 2 x 4. Those will be the foot rests. The long 2 x 4s should be the same length. The small pieces don’t have to be.

2. Drill two holes in the long 2 x 4s where the foot rests are going to attach. These holes should be a bit smaller than the thickness of the screws. The higher you put these holes, the higher you’ll stand, but the harder it will be to walk and get on and off.

3. Insert the screws in the holes and attach the foot rests. You will have a bigger place to stand upon if you screw into the narrow side of the foot rest, but either way works. If you wish, you may also use glue make the foot rest stronger.

4. Drape the cloth over the top of the 2 x 4…or lower around the wood if that’s where your hands naturally grab.

5. Attach the cloth with small nails. The cloth will make holding on more comfortable.

6. It’s probably a good idea to use elbow guards and knee pads when walking on your homemade stilts.

7. You probably noticed that the stilts the four of us are using above are not the same as the plans. That’s because Granpa sort of made those…and he’s way more professional than most kids, so we made the plans much easier.

Let me know how you do in the comments.

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Comments from my Readers & Friends

  1. I once broke a finger too 🙁 !! It didn’t hurt, it’s just that later on my twin noticed that my ring finger (the finger I broke) was huge and was a really dark purple. But everything turned out okay. I went to the doctor and had it checked and I got a “cast”. Then after I got my “cast” off I had to go to this special doctor that showed me excises to do to make sure my bone heals properly. That was a couple of years ago and now my finger is good as new! 🙂

  2. Cheesie I love this idea and it probably sucked how Georgie broke his finger with the stilts but im planing to make some myself so, can you give me any ideas on how to customize the stilts

    • Granpa here (because Cheesie isn’t an expert on woodworking):
      It’s most important to make the stilts fit how tall or short you are, so stand next to the 2x4s and measure before you cut. And remember, if you make them too long, you can always shorten them, but it doesn’t work the other way! And you have to have an adult help if you’re using power tools! NO EXCEPTIONS.