#3-Excellent Mulligans

Tell Me About Excellent Mulligans You’ve Had

Like Mrs. Wikowitz said, a mulligan “is an informal term from the game of golf for a do-over, a second chance.” Because over half of us (including me and Georgie) flunked the first middle school assignment Mrs. Wikowitz gave us, she decided to give each of us a mulligan by regrading all the papers.

Have you ever gotten a mulligan?

This golfer could use a mulligan...

Georgie demanded a mulligan recently when we were playing a game we made up. We call it Wadball. You wad up a piece of paper into a very small ball and then see who’s best tossing it into a wastepaper. Except the rule is whoever makes a shot, the other player has to copy it exactly. (My dad told me in basketball there’s a game exactly like this called HORSE.)

So Georgie got ready to take his first shot. He stood on my desk chair (which swivels), balanced on one foot, and pushed off against the wall. That caused the chair to spin, and while he was turning, he lofted the wad toward the basket. He missed. But he also fell off the chair and crashed into my shelf of board games. Most of them fell down…and several opened up, spilling game pieces, dice, cards, etc.

“I get a mulligan!” he shouted.

“Only if you clean up my games,” I shouted louder.

He grumbled and complained, but Georgie is very competitive, so he got down on the floor and put everything back the way it was. Then he stood up on the chair, balanced on one foot, pushed off the wall…and tossed the wad right into the basket. SWISH!

He also knocked the games down again!

Mulligans usually are given at the very beginning of a game.

Tell me about your mulligans.

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