#3-National Parks

National Parks You’ve Visited

There are 58 National Parks in the United States. (There are also lots of National Monuments and National Historic Sites. Those are cool, but I’m not counting them here.)

Have you been to a National Park? Please comment below and tell me which one you’ve visited…and be sure to tell me what it was like…and what you did…and what you saw…and everything else!

I guess my favorite National Park is Yellowstone. Here are some photos I took.

A herd of bison walked right next to our car. They are HUGE!


Then a female elk walked right next to us. I wanted to reach out and touch it, but my mother vetoed the idea.


And then we saw a bear. Trust me! This totally is a bear. It's just really far away.



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Comments from my Readers & Friends

  1. i have been to Yellowstne, Yosesmite, Big Bend, Teton, and Glacier National Park
    me and my sisters go to a different park every year

  2. I been to Great Smoky Mountains, TN (really cool). I actually saw a mother black bear in the woods with her babies during hiking! (Sad to hear about the burning there) and Big Bend National Park, TX (breathtaking views). From setting foot in Mexico across the Rio Grande to hiking over 20 miles to the top of Emery Peak (elevation 7,825′). It’s really beautiful there. I wish I can sent you my images over the top of the mountain. Does it counts if I go to an another country’s national parks? If so I went to some parks in Australia, where kangaroos and koalas roam, Taiwan’s Taroko National Park (My family comes from this country!), and China’s historical parks. BYE!!!

  3. muir woods natonal park, cascades national park, golden gate national park, SF maritime national park, Fort funston national park, alcatraz national park, Boston national historal park, Minuteman national park, salem maritime national historic park.

  4. I have been to two national parks 1.Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, Oahu, U.S. 2. Alcatraz on San Fransisco. Both in the same year this year as a matter in fact. My mom has also been to minute man inset that cool!

  5. I don’t ever go to Yellowstone ’cause there is a super volcano under it and if it erupts it can wipe out all north america. That won’t probably happen in our lifetime, but it still freaks me out.

  6. Wow those bison are awesome!!!!!I’m not sure if this place is a national park but every year we go to Pokagon State Park for our family reunion. I love it their. It’s in Indiana.