#3-School Plays

What School Plays Have You Been In?


My mother was in lots of plays in high school and college. She told me what different places on stage are called, so I had Georgie draw a diagram.

stage diagram[1]

I like school plays. I have not yet been in one in middle school, but I think I’m going to try out.

Have you been in any plays? Tell me about them (if you want to) in the comments section below.

Comments from my Readers & Friends

  1. I am also in 6th grade. So far I have been in every school play. Except the 6th grade play because I haven’t started 6th grade yet!!

  2. I have been in 4 plays at my school. They were: The Princess King, School House Rock: Jr, Comic Book Artist, and Aladdin. I was the guard for Princess King, and Aladdin. School House Rock was a musical so I was Chorus. For Comic Book Artist, I was “Gold Warehouse Employee” I am also directing a play called Lord of the Rings.

  3. I’ve been in the ugly duckling, the wizard of oz, wicked, and I’ve performed at my school talent show if that counts 😄

  4. I was in a couple commercials and was the lead in almost all the plays I’ve done. Plus, I was a extra in a movie.

  5. I have not auditioned for anything BIG yet ,but I take classes at Actors Training Center, and I’ve gotten the biggest part in every school musical we do. also my cousin is Christine in the the traveling show The Phantom of the Opera.

    • My father was in that play in high school. He was Bottom the Weaver and had to wear a donkey’s head. He said it was a very funny play.

  6. I`m a broadway preformer in the play annie
    I play ms hannigan even though im male and under 15 years
    but still everything around me is little!

  7. Hi, Cheesie! I really enjoy reading your books, especially the third book. I was Laertes in Hamlet, an angel in a Santa Clause musical, I sang a solo in a winter performance, and probably about 20 others. Please right back!

    -Mane B.
    5th grade
    P.S(PLEASE WRITE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  8. I’m an actor so I’ve been in many, but my most recent play was “Matilda”. Although my favorite play I’ve been in was “Odysseus”.

  9. ive been in click clack moo sort of a little kids thing XD and peter man i was john and my girlfriend was michael XD

  10. I have been in three plays.Two where in DI The doll and Roygbiv.I was the lead in both!The third one I did this summer.It was,A Midsummer Night Dream.I playrd a fairy.Acting is so much fun!

  11. I haven’t been in a play but my brother has it was about a farm he was the cow I’m 13 months younger than him so I got to watch it it was funny and cute