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Ronald 'Cheesie' Mack


Everyone calls me Cheesie, but my real name is Ronald A. Mack. The A is for Apton, which is a weird middle name. It’s my mother’s maiden name. I think most kids HATE their middle names. I actually don’t. R. Apton Mack is actually kind of cool sounding…but I like Cheesie best.

Here’s some stuff about me:

  1. I have brown hair, brown eyes, and three freckles on my nose. I also have a whitish scar on my thumb where a fishhook stabbed me when I was on a lake with my dad. I was eight and fooling around. Don’t ask.
  2. My birthday is August 16. I’m now 11, which is, IMO, a very cool age to be.
  3. My ears stick out. But you can probably see that in my picture above. It used to bother me, but now that I’ve written about my ears in my book, a zagillion (that’s a gazillion times bigger than a gazillion) people know, so I say…so what? And this is the last time I’m going to mention them on my website!
  4. I have three grandparents (plus one who died a long time ago), two aunts, two uncles, and two first cousins. I also have the meanest older sister in Massachusetts. Cheesie's Family TreeMaybe the United States. Maybe the world! Those tiny boxes and circles to the right are my family tree (which I made as a school assignment in fourth grade). Click on it to see it bigger and learn more about everyone in my family.
  5. I am a very fast runner. One of the fastest in my class, but I haven’t actually raced every kid. I’m on the sixth grade cross country team.
  6. I like sports. Especially baseball and soccer. And I’m a good swimmer.
  7. I read lots of books. Especially adventures.
  8. I love to write about my adventures.
  9. I love words.
  10. And I like making lists…like this one.

If you want to know anything else about me, just ask below.

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Comments from my Readers & Friends

    • Thanks, Sephorah. I have been to lots of schools in Florida (my website tells me what state your comment comes from). Maybe I could come to your school in the fall. You could suggest it to your teacher.

  1. Hey, Cheesie! I’m reading Cheesie Mack Is Not A Genius Or Anything, and it is great so far! I just have one question for you; what’s the story on your love of mac and cheese? When did you first try it? Did you like it at first? When did you realize you loved it so much?

    • Yeah, I love mac ‘n’ cheese, but like I said, I usually don’t eat it in public because kids always make fun of me and my nickname.
      I guess I started liking it when I was a little kid. Nothing special about me. I just enjoyed the taste…and I still do. But like I said at the beginning of this comment, I usually don’t eat it in public because kids always make fun of me and my nickname. But I do eat it at home. It’s one of the foods that I can make myself without much of a mess in the kitchen, and my mom doesn’t mind, so it’s a snack I can have whenever I have the energy and time to cook something myself. But like I said twice already in this email, I usually don’t eat it in public because kids always make fun of me and my nickname.

      I’ve talked myself into it. I’m going downstairs and make myself a heaping bowl of M ‘n” C!

  2. Hey Cheesie, I know that I’ve already posted a comment, but I had to ask. Will you be planning any good pranks for Goon (AKA June) If so, then try something classic but funny like fake dog poop or shocking gum! I love pranking myself and have done stuff like that before. People love it!!

    • There are AWESOME pranks in the rest of my books…most of them on Goon. In fact, Book #2 begins with a prank on her.

  3. Hey, Cheesie! I have read your first book, and I can tell you, I loved it!! The toad, the games, the friendships, it was all so great! I have a question for you. Actually, maybe more than 1 question. At camp, what did you do? And will you get to go to camp and become big guys? Are you still doing G.J. Prott’s yardwork, or did she let you and Georgie stop? Also, are there any more cool things that I didn’t read in the first book that you’d like to tell me?

    • Answers to your questions…
      1) What we did at camp and whether we got to be Big Guys is totally what book #2 is all about!
      2) Yard work…yes. But it’s not hard, and Ms. Prott always gives us treats, so it’s fun.
      3) There are lots more cool things, but I put them in the other four books.

  4. Hey, Cheesie, I knew I would love this series just from reading the first chapter. I just finished the first book and it’s the best book I ever read. Just wondering? Are you going to write more books about you? I just really like them 😉. And, are your advetures ACTUALLY real? Just wondering 😊.


    • I have written five books about my adventures (they are all really true fictional stories!)…and I hope you read them all!

  5. Hey cheesie Mack, are you writing any other books? What is the score for you planking your sister? Have you done any pranks that are so cool?

  6. Hey! I like your books because my name is Macklan! I have a bunch of nicknames too like Mack, Mackie, Mackie-boy AND actually Mac-n-Cheese and….J-Mack and Jimmy-Mack (Because my full name is James Macklan Murphy). Time to go read more of Cheesie Mack is Not a Genius or Anything.

    bye! !!!!!!!!!!
    P.S. I’m a kid.
    P.P.S. I’m 7.

  7. When did Cheesie Mack is sort of freaked out come out but besides that all your books are the best I’ve read each book like 10 times! They are my childhood books and im still reading them at 12 years old so please don’t stop making them that is like the only book that I read

  8. Do I have permision to turn your first book into an action movie with awesome lighting and cool sound effects? I have the camera, lighting, and sound effects. BOOM! KA-POW! All I neeed is permision from YOU. Please reply.

    • Gosh…I don’t know. I think you’d have to get permission from my publisher. And anyway, an “action movie”? There’s not a lot of car chases and explosions in my first book. I don’t get how it would be an action film.

  9. Hi Cheesie
    I know how amazingly famous you are but how come Georgie is your only best friend why don’t you have like a cool gang like Micheal, Jordan, Georgie, You and Nicholas??
    I love your books they are amazing I dont know if you remember but when you were in Malta you went s.m.c i was there when you were talking im blonde and i was in the first row and my name was Julia

    • Of course I remember meeting you. You were sitting next to Isis, I think.

      And I have lots of friends. Just only ONE BEST FRIEND.

  10. I love your books thay are the best and the thay are so interesting and the books I have ever Sean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀