About Cheesie Mack

Ronald 'Cheesie' Mack


Everyone calls me Cheesie, but my real name is Ronald A. Mack. The A is for Apton, which is a weird middle name. It’s my mother’s maiden name. I think most kids HATE their middle names. I actually don’t. R. Apton Mack is actually kind of cool sounding…but I like Cheesie best.

Here’s some stuff about me:

  1. I have brown hair, brown eyes, and three freckles on my nose. I also have a whitish scar on my thumb where a fishhook stabbed me when I was on a lake with my dad. I was eight and fooling around. Don’t ask.
  2. My birthday is August 16. I’m now 11, which is, IMO, a very cool age to be.
  3. My ears stick out. But you can probably see that in my picture above. It used to bother me, but now that I’ve written about my ears in my book, a zagillion (that’s a gazillion times bigger than a gazillion) people know, so I say…so what? And this is the last time I’m going to mention them on my website!
  4. I have three grandparents (plus one who died a long time ago), two aunts, two uncles, and two first cousins. I also have the meanest older sister in Massachusetts. Cheesie's Family TreeMaybe the United States. Maybe the world! Those tiny boxes and circles to the right are my family tree (which I made as a school assignment in fourth grade). Click on it to see it bigger and learn more about everyone in my family.
  5. I am a very fast runner. One of the fastest in my class, but I haven’t actually raced every kid. I’m on the sixth grade cross country team.
  6. I like sports. Especially baseball and soccer. And I’m a good swimmer.
  7. I read lots of books. Especially adventures.
  8. I love to write about my adventures.
  9. I love words.
  10. And I like making lists…like this one.

If you want to know anything else about me, just ask below.

Comments from my Readers & Friends

  1. Hey, I have a question. There was one page that showed a VAMPIRE at the window and you pointed “Do not mess with this vampire!” or whatever, who was that vampire ? Was G.J Prott the vampire ? PLEASE REPLY. 🙂 Thx.

    • It’s Geejape Rott, the Most Bloodthirsty Vampire in Massachusetts (which is the title of Chapter 7). But if you read page 86 carefully, you’ll see that I explain what’s wrong with the paragraph that talks about Geejape Rott. I don’t want to say anything else here, because some kids haven’t read the book…and I don’t want to give anything away. Ow-hooo-eeeee. Bwa-ha-ha!

  2. Hey Cheesie !!! I am a BIG fan right after reading your book a few minutes ago !!! Awesome ! Especially the Butt-Banging Part! 🙂

  3. Can’t WAIT to try a BLART sandwich. I LOVE BLTs but adore avocados and ranch dressing and am not afraid of a mess!! For a good cause..

  4. I have only had lobster a few times, but i really like crab and shrimp. Yum! 🙂

  5. What is your favorite food? BLART sandwiches? Or is there something else you like? I voted for Mac and Cheesie on the voting for your favorite food.

    • I think a delish sandwich would be a Makenzie and Cheesie sandwich, get it?🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼 sorry couldn’t resist I totally 💟 🐼!📕📕📓📓

  6. your not real!!!!!you were made up by this guy STEVE COTLER!reply!”cheesie”

  7. I’ve got a good idea!you know that I post alot?well,I’m going to stick to this comment for days.good idea,right?I,m making a website of my own called JAKE’S LIFE.it will probly be out by the end of the summer.in your next book will you name a person ISAAC.it’s spelled I-S-A-A-C.andplese make a person named jake.that’s J-A-K-E.the reason is I do a comick called JAKE’S LIFE.it’s really funny!I’m not joking!(get it?) I want you to write THE MYSTRY OF THE NON-FIYING UNDIES. pleese!!!!!!!!!it would be good!people would love it!oh,if you did it,would you give me some creadet?I mean, I helped you think it up. commenters who don’t know about this go to HOW TO TOSS STUFF OVER YOUR HEAD WITH YOUR TOES.by geo. speaking of geo, does he like that name-or-nick name.wichever one. my parents named me after theese people:Isaac newton, Isaac asmov,and my grandfathers ISAAC(I don’t know their last names.) I need alot of anwsers from you!

    • Whew! That’s a long comment.
      I have actually already written Book#2 (Cheesie Mack Is Cool in a Duel) and there is actually a kid named Isaac in it. But everyone calls him Zip, because he is famous for being the slowest guy in every race, so he got a zippy nickname. No Jake, though.
      Georgie likes to be called Georgie.

  8. I really want to know how you know about rillkid!!!!!!!(Im really loud) youve got a great website!plese reply.(I say that alot)

  9. Oh!did I menshion that my full name gives me a cool nick name?? my full name is Isaac goodman gray. my nick name is igg.but I like iggy better. wich do you like?pleese reply.p.s.: havent I been writing to you alot??pleese anwser.OH isent this long??????????

    • IGGY is a way cool nickname. My initials spell RAM, which is also cool, but I think IGGY is cooler.

  10. no no not like that. I mean like what name will you go by??? Ronald? Cheesie? Chee? or runt?(just joking!!!)

    • Oh, I get it. Probably Ronald, but I really like the way Chee sounds. Very cool.

  11. hey cheesie did you know that isaac iggy and iggray are all the same person?my real name is ISAAC.oh and I have a questgain.(im not that good at spelling)what do you plain on going by when you are an adult?

    • I kind of figured you were all the same. I don’t know what I’ll be. (Maybe an author!) Georgie wants to be a cartoonist or a jet pilot.

  12. im bored right now.I have your book from the librey.but I already read your book!goon sounds really mean.(dont tell goon I called goon)

  13. me and my friend rellkid CHEESIE MACK !!!!!!!!! (that last senctese wasent really that loud)

  14. Our 5th grade class loves the book i visited this site from the info in book we hope for another one soon we thought his one was bbestamazook!