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Everyone calls me Cheesie, but my real name is Ronald A. Mack. The A is for Apton, which is a weird middle name. It’s my mother’s maiden name. I think most kids HATE their middle names. I actually don’t. R. Apton Mack is actually kind of cool sounding…but I like Cheesie best.

Here’s some stuff about me:

  1. I have brown hair, brown eyes, and three freckles on my nose. I also have a whitish scar on my thumb where a fishhook stabbed me when I was on a lake with my dad. I was eight and fooling around. Don’t ask.
  2. My birthday is August 16. I’m now 11, which is, IMO, a very cool age to be.
  3. My ears stick out. But you can probably see that in my picture above. It used to bother me, but now that I’ve written about my ears in my book, a zagillion (that’s a gazillion times bigger than a gazillion) people know, so I say…so what? And this is the last time I’m going to mention them on my website!
  4. I have three grandparents (plus one who died a long time ago), two aunts, two uncles, and two first cousins. I also have the meanest older sister in Massachusetts. Cheesie's Family TreeMaybe the United States. Maybe the world! Those tiny boxes and circles to the right are my family tree (which I made as a school assignment in fourth grade). Click on it to see it bigger and learn more about everyone in my family.
  5. I am a very fast runner. One of the fastest in my class, but I haven’t actually raced every kid. I’m on the sixth grade cross country team.
  6. I like sports. Especially baseball and soccer. And I’m a good swimmer.
  7. I read lots of books. Especially adventures.
  8. I love to write about my adventures.
  9. I love words.
  10. And I like making lists…like this one.

If you want to know anything else about me, just ask below.

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Comments from my Readers & Friends

  1. hey you might remember me i waz in the blue shirt that said aero(earopostal) on it a bunch of time. i waz on the very left of every table and you stood by me a bunch of times i luv ur book cheesie mack is not a genious or anything and hope that you write a whole series of them

    1. Wait, if you are working on book #3, why isn’t book #2 out yet? Random Comment: I like typing #3. All you have to do is hold shift down and press 3, and then take your finger ( or paw if your dog hijacked you and took your computer ) off shift and press 3 again.

    2. I don’t know why the publishing company takes so long to get each book out…but that’s the situation.

      You like typing #3? me, too. You are as weird as I am.

    3. You’re just like my friends at school. I would call them weird, and they would say,”
      Thank you,” Now that I think about it, I would do that too…

    4. i know they take sooooooooo long i’m looking for a book for bejamin pratt and the next one dosent come out till april 14 2012 and that the month of my birthday i’v been waiting since 2011 in the month of Agu.

    1. I was really young (I think only two), so I don’t know much, but I think it was cancer. The really sad thing is Georgie does not remember her one bit…except from stories his dad and older brothers have told him.

    1. Hmmm…that’s hard to predict. She’s super excellent at ballet, so I guess a very stern dance teacher. Or else a prison guard or an assassin.

    2. Assassin! My friends and I are always talking about assassins all the time! ( Maybe it’s time for meet to hang out with girls now…)

    3. I have never met anyone whose name has two H’s in a row. How do you pronounce your last name. I guess Ch-HAY. Am I right?

    4. You just say it like it only has 1 ‘H’. People say,” Ch,” and then add,”Hay,” to it.

  2. Hi Cheesie! I absolutely LOVE your book. I just finished reading it and as soon as I did I jumped on the computer and got on here and boy this is an awesome website! I’m trying to make a website but it’s hard. Anyway, I just wanted to say hi and say that ur book was AWESOME!

  3. Hey hey hey Cheesie mac I read your book and it was

  4. Hello Cheesie, when you were young and you ate a lot of mac&cheese did you ever get sick of it after a while?

    1. Absolutely! No matter how much you like something…if you have too much, you can get sick of it. Three Halloweens ago, Georgie challenged me to a candy-eating contest. He won. I almost ralphed!

    1. It didn’t happen. Something else happened that took up our whole summer. If you finished reading my book, you know what it is.

  5. Hi Cheesie,
    This is Aaliyah. I was wondering if you and Adam McCauley were friends when you guys were making the book!

    1. It’s may seem weird, but actually I have never met Adam McCauley. The people who published my book selected him to do the illustrations. BUT, even so…I really-really-really like his drawings.

  6. cheese(can i call you that?)do you know those candie sticksthat look like ciggrets?i had some in my lunch tadayand it was drug free day so imade dare for everyon who wantedto do it.heres the darego up to a teacher and smoke the stick and say”im drug free”.nobody did it though

    1. Well, don’t procrastinate because i did that in forth grade and i got a really bad grade on my project(this is for everybody who reads this).


  7. hay,cheesie.long time no see.(or mabey blog)I have a qustain for you ,how does a hairs curlness affcet its strenght?it is my science fair progect .do you have any good sites to anwser this qustain?if you do,anwser me.

  8. hay,cheesie.long time no see.(or mabey blogI have a qustain for you ,how does a hairs curlness affcet its strenght?it is my science fair progect .do you have any good sites to anwser this qustain?if you do,anwser me.

    1. That sounds like a very interesting science fair project. I would write to a shampoo company. I bet they all do research on hair strength.

  9. hi cheesie do you really like cheese i know i do my grammy aka gradma wants to know where you got the name cheesie thanks :)!!

    1. I do like lots of different cheese…even the stinky ones (mostly)!

      I got the nickname Cheesie when I was about four years old because I liked mac ‘n’ cheese so much.

  10. Cheesie I LOVE your book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I live in gloucester!!I really really REALLY want to
    read your next book.

  11. Hi Cheesie I absolutly love your book. My dad and I can’t wait to read your next book in 2012.My dad wants to know hows the lobster in Gloucester aka GLAH-stah

    1. Lobsta (that’s how folks in Glosta…or GLAH-stah…say it) is really, really, really tasty! And it is super cheap here, my mom says, compared to the rest of the country.

  12. cheesie your books they rule! i read your first book in 2 days! i hope i can read more and more books.hows goon doing? hee hee!

  13. Hi Cheesie,

    Im trying to download your book on my ipad. Oh and by the way I love the story Mr.cotler told us today about him being a camp councilor.

  14. September 30,2011
    Hello Mr. Cotler,
    I am in the class you went to today, Mrs. Ripley, at Beeman Elementary School in Gloucester, MA. I really like your book, my teacher let me take hers home to finish reading. I hope to get to read your second and third book soon. Thank you for coming to my school and sharing your book with us today!!

  15. my birthday was sept 21, I am from California and I celebrated it on Cod Cape, thats what we call it because I have been coming here since I was little and thats what I used to call it so it just stuck. My Mom gave me your book for a birthday present. You even signed it to me, thanks! She said she bought it at the Rotary Club in Healdsburg.I have a question for you, how does Georgie do that magic trick where he makesthe penny disappear? Bye Rocco

    1. It was VERY cool to meet your mom. The answer to your question is…I have NO IDEA! Georgie will not tell.

    2. I hope your having fun in Mass. We are missing it, the beach, the cranberries, the fall. Going to Cod Cape is like my summer camp, we do it every year and I can’t wait to get there and never want to leave. It’s raining every day here in California. I have been reading your book for my daily reading log at least 30 minutes a day outload sometimes longer!!!! The science fiction parts are harder to read a little confusing like chapter 8s but I love it. We asked my teacher if you could come to my class and read a little and he said YES! He wants the class to read some of the book first so that we know more about the story. I am lending them my book during the day. Say hi to Massachusetts for us. My Mom says when you are in Cambridge go to the Peabody Museum at Harvard in Cambridge, she says it is one of her favorite natural history museums ever and she has beem to a lot! She says I went there when I was little but I don’t remember. Hope to see you soon. Rocco

  16. Hi Cheeise i just wanted to tell you because you said that you were a very fast runner i thought that maybe you could run in track or cross country…also is this the author of the book who is responding to all of our comments??

    1. We didn’t have a track team or cross country in fifth grade, but in sixth, I intend to try out for track. Actually, there’s going to be a lot of running in Book #3.
      As for your last question, you can figure that one out yourself.

  17. Hey Cheesie!
    My name is Andrea and I loved your book so so so so much! When are you going to write another one and what is it going to be called?

    1. John Quincy Adams (#6) is my favorite. I read a biography of him and learned that he was very smart. His father, John Adams, was president #2, which probably put a lot of pressure on him, but he didn’t let that bother him. And something else was unique about JQA. After he stopped being president, he ran for Congress and was a Representative…so I guess he really liked being in government.

    2. Cheesie,
      Thanks for getting back to me about your favorite president.
      My favorite president Is FDR because we’ve been to his house. Did you know that JQA and FDR both went to Harvard? Here’s a trivia question for you Cheesie…what war was FDR president during?
      Tyler T

    3. Granpa agrees with you. FDR is his favorite because he actually shook his hand when he (Granpa) was a boy…or at least that’s the story Granpa tells. I can’t always figure when he’s exaggerating.

    1. My favorite color is orange. Bright orange! It makes me happy just to look at it. I’d like the cover of my next book to be orange.

  18. My b-day May 24th, I’m a fast runner, I love to read and write and I love your book can’t wait till the next one!

    1. Since you have read my book…and you know that it’s a mystery (kind of), I bet you can find clues in the book and online that answer your question.

  19. You know about all your base are belong to us? Did you know that (according to wikipedia) some people went around hanging up signs that said All your base are belong to us and some other people thought the signs were from Iraq? And a few years ago, when youtube was down, they just put ALL YOUR VIDEO ARE BELONG TO US on the site?

    1. My advice when doing a Dutcher: “don’t laugh or you’ll definitely choke!”
      And thanks for your nice comment…and sorry about your older sister!
      I am as real as my book says I am!

  20. Dear Chessie,
    I just finished your book it was amazing. And youknow they say don’t judge a book by it’s cover well i did and about everyone else in the world to,Anyways Chessie I have a couple of questions. 1. Are you a real person. 2. If you don’t want people always going up to you saying ” chessie is eating Mac ‘n’ Cheese just eat mac ‘n’ cheese at home. I also have a older sister who is ververyveryvery X1,0000 anooying so I feel your pain

    1. Jacob and Sophia and Rory–


      Math for the day:

      Your comments + summer fun = happy Cheesie!

  21. Do you like rollercoasters? I do. What’s your favorite color? Mine’s orange. What’s your favorite holiday? I like Halloween.

    1. Rollercoasters? I love ’em! Read page 190 of my book.
      And orange is definitely my favorite color, too! So, we’re the same on those two.
      But I’d have to say Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Halloween is cool, but I like the big meal (pumpkin pie…yum!) and all the family and football.

    1. I think I’m going to put up a list of who’s everyone on the cover. When I do, I’ll announce it in the NEW STUFF section on my home page. Stay tuned!

    1. His name is Bob Splawn. I didn’t write anything about him in my book. He and I don’t hang out very much, and I don’t really know him very well. So why is he on the cover? I guess my illustrator (Adam McCauley) liked his face.

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