New Stuff on my website

  • You can get “Georgie 4 President” Stickers…FREE?

    It’s easy. Wear them at school. Your friends will want them, too!

  • Lots More Grandparent Nicknames!

    New names added in February. But only those who entered names in the last few months are on the list. If you did, check yours out…or enter new names if you haven’t.

  • Your Favorite Movie Candy?

    I’m doing a poll.

  • Author Visits for This School Year

    It’s me…Cheesie Mack. I’ve been to Australia, the foothills of the Sierras…and I’m going NW Illinois, Seattle, Virginia…and maybe Philadelphia, North Carolina, Kentucky. And who knows where else?

    Want me to come to your school? Have your teacher or librarian contact me.

  • Autographed Books Available

    Want #1…or #2 or #3 or #4? Or even #5? Click here.

  • All the way from 1869!

    A reader sent me a very old, very cool coin. Check it out »

  • More Cool Words…

    I finally got all the words you submitted online. Check them out. If it’s not there, I didn’t approve it.

  • Learn How to Short-Sheet a Bed

    Georgie finally drew the diagrams! Very cool prank.

  • Georgie’s Toe Toss Trick

    A kid commented that he did Georgie’s backwards toe toss trick on the first try! Another said it took him 100 tries!