Why Short-Sheeting Is So Cool

In my book I described a prank Kevin pulled on me:

That night Kevin short-sheeted me. That’s where  someone unhooks your top sheet from the bottom of the bed, folds it up to the top end, and tucks in the sides so when you slide in, your legs hit the fold half-way down and can’t go anywhere.

Short-sheeting is a very old, very cool prank.

How to Short-Sheet a Bed.
(Georgie drew the pictures.)

  1. Make sure no one is watching.
    Drawing of a boy peeking into a bedroom
  2. Memorize what the bed looks like before you mess with it.
    Drawing of a boy thinking with a thought bubble of a bed
  3. Take off the pillows, the covers and blankets, and the top sheet.
    Drawing of a boy holding a pillow and blanket
  4. Tuck the top sheet in at the top of the bed so it looks like a bottom sheet. Fold the top sheet up halfway down the bed so its loose bottom of the sheet ends up exactly where the top sheet was before you started the trick. In other words, the top sheet looks like both the bottom sheet and the top sheet.
    Drawing of a boy tucking the top sheet in at the top of the bed so it looks like a bottom sheet
  5. Remake the bed (covers, blankets, pillows, etc.) to look just like it was when you started.
    Drawing of a boy smiling next to a perfectly made bed
  6. Hide somewhere and watch if you can.
    Drawing of a boy laughing at another boy who got short-sheeted

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Comments from my Readers & Friends

  1. I did it to my sister and she practically chased me around the house until about midnight! I’m still grounded.

  2. Hey Cheesie,
    I did the trick to my brother Geoffrey, and I’ll just wait to see if it works.
    P.S. My email is NOT my parent’s. It’s MY OWN. Just letting you know.

    1. You can short sheet a king-sized bed, but why would you short sheet your own bed?

  3. I short sheeted my own bed just to try it and IT WORKED YAY🌺🌻🌺🌻🌺🌻🌺🌻

  4. I short-sheeted my brothers bed for and April fools prank. He slept on top of his covers.

  5. Little confusing, but i got it. I am trying it on my sister right now. She is going to be so angry. 🙂

  6. I short-sheeted my bro he got angry and punched me i had to put a ice bag over it and we both got grounded

  7. I am short-sheeting someone now. WAIT! That’s the scream! I did it to my sistet!

  8. *jaw drops down to the floor. thats right. TO THE FLOOR!!!!!* you are the other person(specifing that Georgie did it to you),correct?

    1. Georgie did NOT do it to me. He just drew me in the illustrations. I am too wary for Georgie to trick me like that.

    2. liar. if you were too wary for Georgie to do it to you, then how did Keven do it? Even though, you r still awsome.

    3. Not a liar. I was tricked by Kevin because I was in a new situation and sort of not expecting it.

  9. I always wondered why Peaple were nightcap was it cold in the area were it was invented? What do you and your friends think cheesie

    1. I think that’s right. If you had a really cold bedroom, you might want to cover your head.

  10. hey try short sheeting georgie i know yall are besties but its still a lil funny tell him he seems reasonable and write about it in your next book if you please. ;0 ;):0 😉 ;);););0 :^)

    1. Doesn’t work because (ooh a list)
      1.my little brother’s bed messy and his blankets are in piles.

      2.I am bad at pranks.

      3.my little brother is always in his bed when I try to do it.

      4.my little brother got scared and peed in bed and has no sheets. It was still hilarious though.

  11. i tried it with my mom and i got grounded! then i tried it with my friend she still thinks her sister did it haha i probably should tell her tommorow. my phone got taken away by my mom i tried it on my brother.

  12. I tried this on my mom, but because it was summer she did not want to get under all the blankets and sheets, so I had to tell her about the short-sheeting

  13. oh and georgie hope your finger gets better not nessiscarly i just want you to draw the diagram

  14. Sorry about your finger Georgie and thank you Cheesie for putting this up. I will definitely use this at my camping trip soon

  15. This is confusing without a picture I’ll read it a few more times and see if THEN I’ll get it.

  16. the reason it works guys, is that when you get into bed you try to get under the top sheet but above the bottom sheet. so when you get short sheeted, you cant stretch out all the way because the shorted sheet is halfway up the bed.

  17. AWesome prank. tried it with a top sheet…WORKS! bottom sheet…DOESNT WORK for some reason. again, cheesie, thank kevin for doing this to you or else i never would have known.

    1. Won’t whoever you’re doing it to notice if you use a fitted sheet??? Not good! Cheesie, please get back to me on this.

  18. I’m confused… but i will try it!

    P.S. Georgie I hope your finger get better 😀

  19. I broke my finger and can’t draw. I’ll draw it as soon as I can. Sorry.

    1. I remember that from Cheesie Mack is Running Like Crazy! How is being co-president? Does Oddny LIKE-like you or vice versa?
      😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  20. Can you please ask Gerogie to make that diagram cuz i dont understand how to do it… thanks

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