What’s the Best Board Game?

monopoly boardI like games that make you think. Ones that aren’t just luck.

Monopoly is my favorite board game because, like I described in Cheesie Mack Is Sort of Freaked Out, even though you roll dice (and of course what you roll is total luck), there are strategies that can help you win.

And I found out from my cousins in Australia that there’s a version that changes the names of all the properties to names in Sydney, which is the most populous city in Australia. For example, the yellow propertiesAustralian Monopoly cards: Cronulla Beach, Bondi Beach, and Manly Beach in the USA are Atlantic Avenue, Ventnor Avenue, and Marvin Gardens. In the Sydney version they are all beaches: Cronulla Beach, Bondi Beach (which is where my cousins live), and Manly Beach.

I’ve played millions of board games. What’s your favorite?

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Comments from my Readers & Friends

  1. Hmm, It depends. most likely risk or monopoly

  2. I love any kind of trivia game, but one of my favorites is called Tri-bond. You are given three words and have to guess what they all have in common.
    Ex: a coat, a robot, a bag of chocolates
    (See if you or Georgie can guess!)

    1. Bags of Chocolates have buttons? Huh?
      What if they are chocolate kisses? Or truffles? Or candy bars?
      And not every robot has buttons!
      I call foul!

  3. my favorite is a boaard game called life its so fun its all in the name its all about can you guess?????……….LIFE

  4. I LOVE SCRABBLE . I like playing with my dad .He always wins , but he uses words such as : animal, logo, and so.and i use words such as : divergent, anthueseastic ,and merge.

    1. I would not let you use “anthueseastic” because it is actually spelled “enthusiastic.” And how could you put a word like that down when you have only 7 tiles?

  5. Mine is scrabble. It is so fantasticool. Once I beat all the people in my family. My cousin once got a 98 and she was the champ…..until I beat her! Ha!! She was so mad, I could practically see smoke steaming out of her ears!!!

    1. I love Scrabble. My mom is the champion of our family. She still brags about how she once put SEQUOIA on a triple word square…for 101 points!

  6. Scrable is one of my favorite games of all time I am really good I one time got an 83 pointer and no that is not a typo

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