#5-Earliest Memories

Your Earliest Memory?

Cotl_9780385369886_art_17_r1Most grownups say that they can’t remember much that happened to them before they were four or five years old. I can remember stuff from when I was three.

What is your earliest memory?






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Comments from my Readers & Friends

  1. My earliest memory is when the car windows broke and we were going to michigan that day in the car so my mom and dad threw me and my brother in strollers( we were 3 and 1) and ran to the train station just as it was pulling in. Luckly we got on and got to the amtrack and made it to michigan to visit all my grandparents and anst and uncles and cosins.

  2. When I was about three or four I went on vacation to South Carolina. It’s been over a decade and I still have the necklace I got to make myself.
    I wish I had more happy memories as a kid though. You and your friends are really lucky to be able to enjoy your childhoods to their fullest extent.

  3. I think my earliest memory was when I just turned one so one my birthday my parents were looking at the house we live in now and at the end of the day the said I was ” such a trooper”.