Family Traditions

I have a very weird family. We do some very strange things called Mack Family Traditions.

  1. squinty evil eyeSquinty-evil-eye—Mostly done by the male members of my family (although I swear I saw my mother do it once). You scrunch up one eye and stare at someone like a pirate. It means the squinty evil-eye person is kidding or lying or both or something else is going on. It’s kind of like telling a secret joke without saying a word.
  2. musical burpMusical belching—Definitely only done by the males in my house. I don’t know exactly how it started, but I suspect Granpa (who is the greatest champion musical belcher I have ever heard) has been doing it since he was much younger because he claims it took a lot of practice to get as good as he is today. My father is really good, too. I am just okay…but I am practicing. When I am as old as Granpa, I hope to be able to belch the entire “Happy Birthday” song!
  3. The Mack Supreme Court—In our house, if there’s a very difficult or complicated family decision to be made, sometimes we have a sort of trial. One of us is the judge, and the others get to present their cases and argue why they are right. gavelThe one rule is that the judge must be total fair, even if it means the decision isn’t what the judge personally wants. I have to admit that when Goon is judge, she almost always plays fair. Almost always…almost.
  4. Giving out lots of Halloween candy—This is what makes the Mack house the most popular trick-or-treat location in Gloucester. Granpa told me he spends over $400 for candy each year!

Please tell me if you have any Family Traditions.

[I drew all the pictures on this page! –Georgie Sinkoff]

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Comments from my Readers & Friends

    1. When I was six, Granpa made me a robot costume out of cardboard and tape and silver paint. Very cool!

  1. Hello cheese man, I’m a big fan of your books my family always hosts christmas which sucks cuz I always end up cleaning up the wrappers and pieces of plastic.
    Also on easter we have to go around the block doing stuff like giving people chocolate and stuff etc.

    My name is zion why didn’t I say that first I have no idea.

    1. I think Zion is a very excellent name. I asked my father (he knows lots about words and names), and he told me it comes from the Bible. It was the name of someplace in what is now Israel.

      But here’s the cool thing he told me: in Hebrew, it’s written צִיּוֹן, and most people translate that into English as Zion (your name), but lots of others spell it differently: Sion, Tzion, Tsion, or even Tsiyyon. Maybe just to confuse your parents and teachers, you could try one of those spellings (for a laugh!).

  2. We don’t open our gifts on Christmas Day. We do it a few days before, called Gift Day, because on Christmas Day just my family goes to my grandparents’ house for lunch. On December 24th (another tradition) the whole family (cousins, aunts, uncles, great-grandomther, and grandparents) go to my grandparents’ house for lunch. The kids also do a white elephant 😀

  3. We have Christmas dinner on Christmas eve. We eat some awesome snack food on Christmas morning, and the moment all gifts are unwrapped everyone can disperse and play with their new toys.

    On eve, we get to unwrap our Christmas morning/night pajamas. Everyone is expected to at least get up and come out for unwrapping in pajamas, adults included. If you got that present, your wearing em’.

    We used to run a record player with some old school Christmas music while we did Christmas eve dinner prep with cookie making and such, and while we wrapped, and while we unwrapped…but we left behind the player one year.

    Come next year, among the things I’m saving for with my temp job is a record player. It helps people are starting to produce players and records out of retro popularity.

  4. Every Christmas my family hides a pickle ornament in the tree. If you find it you get to open a present on Christmas Eve. I usually find it.😀😀

  5. Every Christmas my parents give me some form of chocolate. It’s y mother’s opinion that every child deserves chocolate on Christmas.

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