Ideas for New Inventions

inventorHow cool would it be to invent something no one else has ever thought of?!

You’d probably have to be a scientist or an engineer…or at least really good at putting things together and making them work.

Cheesie's BBQ Sauce (It'll blue your mind)So maybe that’s really hard, but it’s easy to dream up something that should be invented.

In the first few pages of my book, I came up with four ideas:

  1. An alarm clock toaster
  2. A spring-driven skateboard
  3. Miniature cats
  4. Blue or purple barbecue sauce.

Now it’s your turn. Think hard and comment below. What would you like to invent?

[BBQ sauce bottle drawn by Georgie Sinkoff.]

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Comments from my Readers & Friends

    1. a digital restaurant.
      1!) type on the “RESTAURANT” screen what restaurant you want to order from.
      2@)on the “MENU” screen it will show you the menu.
      3#) select what you want to eat in the “CHOOSE” menu.
      4$) hear the robot calling the restaurant and saying what you want.
      5%) open the door and wait there.
      6^)the delivery person comes. take the food.

  1. I would have an automatic hot dog dispenser
    1)Put in bun through BUN slot
    2)Put in uncooked sausage in SAUSAGE slot
    3)Press start button
    4)Wait 15 seconds
    5) while waiting type in which condiments wanted (ex.onions,ketchup,mustard,etc.)
    6) Take hot dog out and enjoy!

  2. I have know idea but my moms would be an clothes robot that would fold them for you

  3. Wait. WAIT. why did Georgie write “it’ll blue your mind” as the BBQ sauce company slogan?

  4. I’ll make the WORLD’s GREATEST LIBRARY. Better than the one Mr. Lemoncello made.

  5. Maybe an awesome backpack that helps people carry things easier, since science and physics help?

  6. I think it would be cool to make a few tiny stuffed animal that were pillow that you could bring any where!

  7. I have this invention idea that I would make a car that would run on carbon dioxide, and when it runs out, i’ll flick a switch, and it will change into a hydrogen-fuel-cell car.

    1. I asked my science teacher. He said carbon dioxide would not work as a fuel because it does not have much potential energy. But if your invention did work, he said it would really help global warming!

    1. I am wondering why it would be underwear. Why not a pair of earmuffs or a pair of shoes?

    1. I don’t know if I’d like to rule the world. I don’t think you get any free time if you are world emperor.

  8. Maybe a hover car that has a mode where it can drive it’s self. Hey Cheese I got a deal, write more books and I will make and give you the car.

    1. How about, only in the realm of fantasy would this work, we had a auto-system that kept out spam,advertisements, and irrelevant comments?

      Then again, where would the fun be?

    2. a bush appears.
      two cursors appear and lock onto the bush.
      missiles fire form the bush, arc through the sky, and hit the bush, revaling a two-headed robot with an arm cannon and a radar screen on his chest.

      [searchman] Begin Mission 2230. On it.

  9. What about a big vacuum cleaner that only sucks up plastic? Than we could suck up all the plastic in the Pacific Ocean and solve water pollution!

  10. I’d like to invent clothes that don’t stain. I’m an artist whose favorite materials are paint and clay, so I often come home with stained clothes. With no-stain clothes, you could get as dirty as you wanted and everything would just wipe right off. Good for artists, bakers (which I also enjoy) or just kids who love playing outside in sand, grass and mud (like you and Georgie.) Moms and dad will never know!

    1. Great invention idea, Nicole. I bet some fabric companies are already working on that. If they (or you) come up with no-stain clothes, it would be worth MILLIONS!

  11. a machine thet turns everything to chocolate so you can turn your healthy things into chocolate:)

    1. Or we could enjoy both and use a chocolate fountain.

      Chocolate machine sounds fun though.

  12. a doormat that acts like a doorBELL. When you step on it, the sound that a doorbell usualy makes is the sound that the doormat makes. Its the FUTURE!!!!!!!!

  13. I want to invent a freezer like a microwave where you can time the hours its supposed to be froze then microwave it.

  14. a cool thing I would like to make is table and a oven together a toven that would be the name of it you will have more room in your home and you can eat at your oven would it be a good thing to make

  15. My invention idea is a robot suit that you can wear that looks like Samus from Metroid and has rocketboots, laser cannons on your hands, etc.

  16. I would like to invent a machine that would be a ball hurt its also a moblie home. Pretty cool huh!

    1. ya know, it would make more sense and fun if you were playing video games. PS you are not thinking right dude.

    2. All ready did that: Nintendo made ROB: Robot Operating Buddy. If you’re going to make that, make it be able to more than 2 games!

    1. What would you do with all that free time? Some kids I go to school with would just play more hours of video games.

  17. i want…… hmmmmmm…… uhhhhhh….. ohhhh! i want a (drum roll plz) A GLOW AND DARK COLLARS so u couls see your dog or cat in the dark.. so u dont trip over them

  18. Cars that can fly, hovercrafts, spaceships that can travel as fast as light, robot servants, and hover shoes.

  19. I invented a portable air-con that can be changed into a heater.

  20. I think a great invention would be a combat dummy that actually says and teaches you how to sock the daylights out of vicious goons. The reason I said this is because the top things I like are combat dummies, ultimate fighting, pro wreslers, you get it.

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