#5-Invention Ideas

Ideas for New Inventions

frankdestroyed2How cool would it be to invent something no one else has ever thought of?!

You’d probably have to be a scientist or an engineer…or at least really good at putting things together and making them work.

bbq redo2So maybe that’s really hard, but it’s easy to dream up something that should be invented.

In the first few pages of my book, I came up with four ideas:

1) An alarm clock toaster
2) A spring-driven skateboard
3) Miniature cats
4) Blue or purple barbecue sauce.

Now it’s your turn. Think hard and comment below. What would you like to invent?

[BBQ sauce bottle drawn by Georgie Sinkoff.]




Comments from my Readers & Friends

    • a digital restaurant.
      1!) type on the “RESTAURANT” screen what restaurant you want to order from.
      2@)on the “MENU” screen it will show you the menu.
      3#) select what you want to eat in the “CHOOSE” menu.
      4$) hear the robot calling the restaurant and saying what you want.
      5%) open the door and wait there.
      6^)the delivery person comes. take the food.

  1. I would have an automatic hot dog dispenser
    1)Put in bun through BUN slot
    2)Put in uncooked sausage in SAUSAGE slot
    3)Press start button
    4)Wait 15 seconds
    5) while waiting type in which condiments wanted (ex.onions,ketchup,mustard,etc.)
    6) Take hot dog out and enjoy!

  2. Wait. WAIT. why did Georgie write “it’ll blue your mind” as the BBQ sauce company slogan?