Like…or No Like?

Cheesie drinking a smoothie

Okay…so you’ve finished reading my fifth adventure.


If you’ve also read the previous four, you’ve gone through over 1,100 pages of Cheesie writing!

What did you think?

Comment below, and if I’m not too busy, I’ll try to write back.

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Comments from my Readers & Friends

  1. Haha….I Really Like This Book, I CHANGED MY NAME AGAIN!!!!! LOL!! I Love Changing My Name, Cheesie, Do You Like Doing It Too? :3

  2. WHY DO I KEEP CHANGING MY NAME!!??!?!?! I’m gonna change it to Ndanjo (CALL ME Ndanjo CHEESIE!! :))

  3. Hello Cheesie,

    I know you were sad about the Plan It prank because Diana uninvited you but then,
    you and Georgie had done some magic AMAZING!!!!!!!

  4. That was the best book ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have got to make a sixth book!!!!! I am also using your book in a homework assignment. It is called: Why CHEESIE MACK is sort of freaked out is the best book ever! Also you should watch me and my friends youtube channel. It is called: BubProductions

  5. Hey Cheesie! It’s me, again! I wanted to say that instead of just Thanksgiving you should make it about Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years! I also have a good book title. Cheesie Mack is in the Holiday Spirit! I like it! How about you? Thanks Cheesie!

  6. Please! Cheesie make a movie! I want to see real stuff. I also want an other book. How about Thanksgiving?

  7. I liked the book and all but the cover of the book has those tentacles which really has nothing other to do then the prank… when it was not even like that. I dare u to change it bcz o me

    1. I didn’t want the tentacles, but the artist did… And it costs way too much $$$ to change it.

  8. PLEASE TELL ME IF THERE IS ANOTHER BOOK I HAVE BEEN WAITING A YEAR :(um and it’s kinda is strange that you comment the same replys to other kids are you really making other books

  9. I am such a big fan!!! :)!!!

    Is it possible for you to name someone in your next book ‘Isabella”?


    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. My books are realistic fiction, so I have to use the actual kids in my school. There is one girl names Isabel, however, but she has not been in any of my adventures…yet.

  10. I loved your book so much and I currently am building a perriscope!

  11. I’ve only read the 5th one so far, where as ur not as good as jeff Kinney or Rick riordan ur still pretty high up there for an emerging writer

  12. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease make a sixth book i will never read again if you dont(i will) but still

  13. Oh ya I forgot.. you should gt a cheesie mack island on poptropica!!YOUR BOOKS ROCK!!!!!!

  14. Dear Cheesie I have read four of your five books (one,two,three,five) your books are so cool! I start reading about you about,um.. last summer I guess…?? Any how I really want to read your ”Not exactly famous” book but i can find it any where!not even the library!=(. I have a suggestion for you for your next book… you soulD us even new mix up words!!(like ”swellagant” a mix of swell + pleasant) have a new character appear-OH WAIT I GOT IT!! A talent show!! Georgie can Do a magic show!! you can hmm.. BREAK A WORLD Record!!!(you can come up with which one if you use my idea)anyway thanks for reading my comment
    P.S. can you send me an e-mail so I can sen you something I made of you please? Hope you like my suggestions..
    Thanks- C.j. Abeyta age 11 an 5 months

    1. I like your idea of a magic show. In fact, I already put it in one of the books (#5) you read. I’m surprised you didn’t remember.

    2. Cheesie,I’m talking bigger than just for thec school…. For all of your town!! But seriously check out my site

  15. I don’t like your books and I don’t love your books I think they are BEAST MODE, AWESOME, AMAZING, COOL, FUNNY AND ONE OF MY FAV SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Hi Cheesie. It’s me again. PLEASE MAKE THE 6TH BOOK!!!!!!!! I had no choice but to read the 5th book again. When you do PLEASE tell me. I bet everyone agrees with me. You HAVE to make the 6th book. If you agree with me please tell Cheesie! MAKE THE 6TH BOOK!!!! PLEASE!!!!

  17. When is your 6th book coming out?And can you have a kid named Dennis in the book?Pleeeeaaase?

  18. Hey cheesie whens ur 6th bk coming up? ??I’ve been waiting a thousand years for it!!!

  19. I haven’t read the fifth book, but if I do, I hope it’s very good! P.S.: Have you ever played Five Nights at Freddy’s? I didn’t because it’s too scary!

    1. No, I haven’t. I’m not really into horror games. I like games where you have to use your brains.

    1. I have been to schools in Frisco already. I went to Nichols and Anderson. Tell your teacher…and maybe I’ll come to Frisco again.

  20. Nice book cheesie! Me and my friends love your book! Write more! I even make up my own words! Go cheesie!! 😄

  21. Your book is awesome!!! I think you should write another book. Please let me know when you’re ready to write your book. I wish I could be like you!!!!!

  22. Hey Cheesie! How are you? I love your book and I love Mac and Cheese!! You are coming to my school! 🙂

  23. this is a great book i would give it 5 out of 5 stars. my favourite part is the prank you pull on lana and oddny. 🙂

  24. I love all of you books cheesie. I have a question though. How come this book was released on August 26? I had three other books that came out the same day. I know August is a popular month to release books in but why the 26? Just wondering and please keep writing more books because they are awesome

    1. I checked with my publisher and it has something to do with warehouses and marketing and shipping books and stuff like that.

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