#5-Like or No Like?

Like…or No Like?


Okay…so you’ve finished reading my fifth adventure.


If you’ve also read the previous four, you’ve gone through over 1,100 pages of Cheesie writing!

What did you think? 

Comment below, and if I’m not too busy, I’ll try to write back.




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Comments from my Readers & Friends

  1. I haven’t read the fifth book, but if I do, I hope it’s very good! P.S.: Have you ever played Five Nights at Freddy’s? I didn’t because it’s too scary!

  2. Your book is awesome!!! I think you should write another book. Please let me know when you’re ready to write your book. I wish I could be like you!!!!!

  3. I love all of you books cheesie. I have a question though. How come this book was released on August 26? I had three other books that came out the same day. I know August is a popular month to release books in but why the 26? Just wondering and please keep writing more books because they are awesome