#1-Frog and Toad Legs

Frogs and toads are amphibians.

I really like amphibians. They’re sort of like butterflies because they change from one shape to another as they grow. It’s called metamorphosis (meta means “change”; morph means “shape”).

1. At first they’re like fish because they hatch from eggs that sit around in water.

2. Also like fish, they have gills and get their oxygen from the water as then they swim around.

3. Then their bodies change (they get legs and arms and lungs), come out of the water and breathe air to live.

But don’t be confused. Amphibians are not mammals or reptiles. They are amphibians (amphi means “on both sides”; bios means “life”). In my book I wrote:

Toads have shorter hind legs than frogs. (I do not have personal knowledge of this. I read about it. But if I ever get a toad and a frog together, I will measure and put the results on my website.)

Do you know anything about toad and frog leg lengths? Or do you know anything really interesting about frogs or toads? If so please comment below.

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Comments from my Readers & Friends

  1. Well, you can’t really say what the measurements of a frog and toad legs are, because there are various breeds of frogs and toads. You can’t have a representetive for the frog breeds because some breeds of frog,s, like the Goliath frog, can grow up to 1 foot, or some, like the Paedophyryne Amauensis, are about the size of a fly.

  2. About the leg lengths, frogs and toads have different legs. Frogs have long, powerful jumping legs, and toads have shorter legs for walking.

  3. Ehh…I read in a book that frogs are usually in water and that toads are usually on land is that true?

    P.S. I have never seen a frog/frog leg in my life.
    Frog legs taste like chicken..IMOTMI!!!

    • I think you are mostly correct: frogs = water…toads = land.
      Then, you say you have never seen a frog or a frog leg, but your opinion is frog legs taste like chicken. How can you have that opinion if you’ve never seen one?

  4. Actually, not all frogs or toads have the same leg lengths, so you cant get a good idea of how long a single leg of a frog or toad is.[

  5. Once I went to some park with my girl scout troop and we saw a toad or a frog. I didn’t know what it was cuz I didn’t know the difference. And a lot of people I know say frog legs taste like chicken, do they really?

    • I went to a Chinese restaurant once and they had frog’s legs, and I ate three. They’re good. But I have never eaten a toad leg.