Grandparent Nicknames (The stuff on this webpage was mentioned on page 10 in my book)

I have three living grandparents. Some kids have more, some have fewer.

The grandparent who lives in my house is my father’s father… Granpa. That’s a pretty common name for a grandparent. But like I said in my book, Illustration of Granpa winking. Text: Granpa is the world's best at giving me the squinty-evil-eye!I have never met anyone who has a Gumpy or a Meemo. So, I am collecting grandparent nicknames in a list. If you want, you can tell me what you call your grandparents by typing them into the box below.


(NOTE: Please send me ONLY real nicknames.)

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    Once I get your nicknames, I’ll put them on the list, which you can view below (use the slider to move up and down) or in a new window by clicking here. But sorry…your names won’t be on the list immediately. I’m not allowed to work on my website until I finish my homework (that’s my mom’s rule), so check back in few days. If they’re still not there, then I’m probably super busy writing, so check back in a week or two. And if they used to be on my list, but now they’re gone…well, I had to make room for other kids. – Grandpare… by stevecotler

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    1. Cheesie mack is one of the books that i want to read the whole day and i barely read any of those kind of books

      1. I love sushi, but my favorite food is…(not going to tell because there’s poll on this website and I don’t want to prejudice other voters).

    2. One of my grandparents name is nanavan.
      Were part italian so that is where the nana came from
      and the van, well, she had a van and when i was 2 they were my first words, nanavan because she had a van

    3. My grandparents nick names are in Spanish so sorry if u can not understand them it is Maloy y pahando

    4. Hi Cheese! I love your books! They are very funny and entertaining! Write more please! Pwetty pwease?

      1. My dog (named Deeb) is a springer spaniel, so I guess I am prejudiced to like that breed best. She is a great dog.

    5. It looks like you put a screenshot of a part of the nicknames. If you did, couldn’t you link us to a document of the nicknames or just another part of the website?


      1. Hi At my county in Illinois we do something called reading olympics and the first Cheesie Mack book is one of the books. It’s really good.

    6. Can you come to my school? Also, are there different versions of the book? I’m reading a different book (same words, different pictures).

    7. sorry i was just joking cheesie
      oh yeah and i saw you at my school today do you remember i was sitting in the front it was at Fernway park

    8. Hey Cheesiemack, I was wondering, did you change the book cover? My school library has your book, but it doesn’t have the same animation style. Is the book at my school the older version?

    9. I heard you are coming to Lincoln elementary November 5 can’t wait to see you it is going to be AWESOME!

    10. Cheesie, when you came to my school in the 3rd grade it was awesome and I was a bit grossed out because every girl in the 3rd grade said you were cute and they (l) you.

    11. Your book is on our reading list at school! Probably caz it’s so awesome! Can you come to my school in Illinois? Please?

    12. sup man you got some good books i’m reading the first book in my class right now.

    13. Dear Cheesie,
      I have just finished reading your 3rd book! It is GREAT and really funny!:) Get this, the doesn’t think your name(Cheesie) is a word!

    14. I love lolypops so I call my grandpa & grandma loly & pop behind thier backs.

      :p -_-

    15. cheesie can you go to cobbles elamentary school in penfeild, new york fourth grade

    16. i call one grandma ba ngoai and the other ba ngoi. i call one grandpa ong ngoi and the other one Boca.

      P.S. i speak another language other than english. 😀

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