Grandparent Nicknames (The stuff on this webpage was mentioned on page 10 in my book)

I have three living grandparents. Some kids have more, some have fewer.

The grandparent who lives in my house is my father’s father… Granpa. That’s a pretty common name for a grandparent. But like I said in my book, Illustration of Granpa winking. Text: Granpa is the world's best at giving me the squinty-evil-eye!I have never met anyone who has a Gumpy or a Meemo. So, I am collecting grandparent nicknames in a list. If you want, you can tell me what you call your grandparents by typing them into the box below.


(NOTE: Please send me ONLY real nicknames.)

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    Once I get your nicknames, I’ll put them on the list, which you can view below (use the slider to move up and down) or in a new window by clicking here. But sorry…your names won’t be on the list immediately. I’m not allowed to work on my website until I finish my homework (that’s my mom’s rule), so check back in few days. If they’re still not there, then I’m probably super busy writing, so check back in a week or two. And if they used to be on my list, but now they’re gone…well, I had to make room for other kids. – Grandpare… by stevecotler

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    1. Hi chessie! I have sent in my grandparent nick names 2 times, but still never saw them on the list? Can you put them in again?

      1. I would LOVE to come to your school in Lahore! I have never been to Pakistan. The closest I have come is Australia. And that’s a long way from Pakistan.

      1. That book is already written. I can’t add anything now. But I can put you name in here…HI, JOHN!

      1. You guys should settle this among yourselves. But as far as I’m concerned, you’re ALL my biggest fans!

      1. You guys should settle this among yourselves. But as far as I’m concerned, you’re ALL my biggest fans!

      1. I know. I am writing a book called Millioniare At the theater. Please check for it. It should be published by next summer. The author will be Nicole Ray ’cause that’s my pen name.

    2. I love all your books. I’m using the point battle between me and my brother! Even though (I’ve only read 2 (#1 and 3) I love them. Keep writing!

    3. I love your books they are so funny i like the one when they ask for you to tell them a spooky story (i like all of them ) I like the series that is a very funny name! I hope you can make more books in your series. do you like writeing?


    4. Its my moms e-mail, the book so far is so cool. I love the book so much, also your website so cool!!!!!! 🙂 😉 :p ;p :b ;b 😀 ;D

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