#1-Overhead Backward Toe Toss

Hi! Cheesie said it was okay, so I am Georgie Sinkoff writing this page instead of Cheesie Mack.

I can do a neat trick with my toes. Cheesie wrote about it in his book:

Georgie just grabbed his wet swimsuit off the floor with his toes and flipped it backward up over his head. Georgie is a very excellent athlete. He didn’t even look. He just stuck his hands out in front of him, and the suit flew over his head and landed—plop—right on them. (I cannot do this. But I have a diagram of how to do it on my website. You can try it if you want.)

Cheesie asked me to do the diagram of how I do it. So here are some pictures I drew. I want to be a cartoonist when I grow up. Or else a Navy fighter pilot on an aircraft carrier.

Stand right over your bathing suit. Or underwear.

Make sure there are no breakable things around you. Like lamps, flower vases, or valuable knickknacks that your parents will kill for if you break them.

Grab your bathing suit with your toes. Hold your arms out in front with your palms up.

Flip your leg backwards and up, and let go with your toes at the end of your flip.

Your underwear will fly up over your head and land in your hands.

If it doesn’t work, you have to practice. It took me a long time to get good at this.

Cheesie now writing:

Please tell me if you can do this trick.

Comments from my Readers & Friends

    • It’s a lot easier if you spin around. Getting it to fly over your head is the hard part. I cannot do it! Georgie is a pro!

  1. Hey Cheesie,I haven’t tried it yet but i want to. my mom is a teacher so I am at school ans there is nothing to do it with. your book is my favorite

  2. It took me a whole 3 MONTHS!!! IT TOOK ALL OF MY SPARE TIME TOO… AND I STILL PRACTICE BECAUSE I DON’T HAVE IT PERFECTLY YET!!! (did you notice I said YET, that means I will get it!!!)

  3. I tried a couple of times last night, and, I figured out that could do it! You have to get the speed just right, though.

  4. I haven’t tried this yet but it seems hard. Did Georgie write the instructions too? Please respond!!

    • GEORGIE here:
      It is hard! And, yes, I wrote the instructions. (I admit I did not know how to spell “knickknacks,” however. Cheesie wrote that word.)

  5. Ya I’ve done that before,and something better I rode around on my bathing suit and bend down pull it from behind my legs take it out and keep sliding then skid to a stop!!!!

  6. Ya I’ve done that before,and something better I rode around on my bathing suit and bend down pull it from behind my legs from the back take it out and keep sliding the skid to a stop!!!!

  7. I tried it twice with my sister’s dirty socks (ewww!) and I totally failed at it. But like the saying goes, practice makes perfect, I probably should keep trying. You too, Cheesie.

  8. georgie!! you are a good drawer!!!the first time I did it my under were went to far to the left.the scound time I did it my under wrere went straight into my back.the third time it fell on my shloder.nexttime I knocked down a lamp. bummer. I got yelled at. double bummer!!I tried again,it landed on my head.its very hard!!!!the fith time it went over my head a little to far.IT landed on that same lamp.It didn’t fall.it’s really hard. so far my undies arn’t ment to fiy.

    • Very funny! LOL
      My next book will NOT be “The Mystery of the Non-Flying Undies”

  9. I tried this yesterday and I managed to do it after only three tries! The secret is to toss it as high and vertical as you can, then to back up a bit so it comes down in front of you instead of behind you.

    • That’s a clever way to do it, but I’m going to have to ask Georgie if moving backwards is cheating.

    • Great! I just tried it nine more times and the closest I came was to drop the shirt on my shoulder. I am going to try again.

    • I told Georgie, and he was very pleased. He does not think he is so good. But I agree with you!

  10. Cheesie, I haven’t tried this trick and I don’t want to right now because I’d have to take off my boots. (I am skilled at picking things up with my toes–especially laundry–but I haven’t tried the flinging-it-over-my-head part.) Anyway, please tell Georgie that I think his illustrations are really excellent.