#1-Sow Bugs

Sow Bugs

Sow bugs are my favorite “insects,” mainly because they are not insects. They are actually crustaceans, like lobster and shrimp. Here’s what they look like, just in case you don’t know what a sow bug is.

Sow bug is the name I learned, but in science we learned there lots of other names for the same non-insect: roly-poly, pill bug, woodlouse, etc. If you have other names or know something really interesting about them, please comment below.

I did a report on sow bugs. Here it is.

Comments from my Readers & Friends

  1. Sow bugs and pillbugs (roly-polys) are actually different species. Sow bugs can’t curl up and the edge of their “armor” is shaped differently. (Along with some other differences.)

    • That is really fascinating. I tried to find something on the web to support what you said, but I can’t Please write back and tell me how you learned this!!

  2. I call them Potato bugs. My brother and his friend splits them in half and you can see the guts. It is VERY disgusting!! But I love them i hold them and they crawl on you. They are 99.9% harmless.

  3. I call them cute! Also when my dad was a kid he called them Potato Bugs and my sister stuck one up her nose when she was three.

  4. We call them Potato Bugs but a good name for them would be: Crumb Armadillos or Brown Peas. I ate one once when I was 2 years old.