Vampires (The stuff on this webpage was mentioned on page 85 in my book.)

Illustration of a vampireI have never seen a real vampire, and no one I know knows anyone…
who knows anyone…
who knows anyone…
who knows anyone…
who knows anyone…
who knows anyone…
who has ever seen a real vampire.

And don't leave out the gory details.If you have seen a real vampire or, even better, been bitten by one, please tell me.

Zombies don’t count!

Please comment below.

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Mystery, mice, and money at the end of fifth grade!

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Comments from my Readers & Friends

  1. I feel like a vampire some times but i love to play in the sun but i feel werid during the night but i was a vampire for Halloween

  2. I don’t believe in vampires…..if you think you saw a vampire or were bitten by one….First if you thought you saw one there is a logical explanation for whatever you saw. And if you think you may have been bitten by a would BE a vampire and you would sure know if you were a vampire.

    1. Lots of people feel weird when they see blood. I think it’s because blood is what keeps us alive, and it’s not supposed to be outside our bodies.

    2. Yes Cheesie is right, people get freaked out and feel weird because blood is something that is inside our bodies not outside.

  3. i have it was dark and wet and a full moon i was terrifide and all of a sudden i woke up on the grown with blood and vang marks (vampire fangs you like)on my neck i thought i would die. this all happend last year/7 months ago. true story you can even ask my moom JK dont i have not told her yet and when i did she said theres no reason to be afraid it was just a bad dream(parents)only me and my brother my brothers mind streches far when it comes to mysterie things

    1. you go girl!!!!!!!!!!!1 even if there were vamps, how would they get in your house???? I did research and saw that even if they were real,you have to invite them into your home.

    1. That would be impossible … you said that Emily G. bit you but Emily G. said that you bit her so you are both wrong

  4. i seen 1 in my room no lie.. matter of fact it was really 10 and i had a tea party with them lol

    1. It’s not 2012 yet, so I can only guess what people are going to believe then (haha). But as I wrote in my book, “There are no vampires in Massachusetts.” And I don’t believe there are any…anywhere!

    2. I don’t need an inhaler but Im still not believing your the REAL cheesie mack PLEASEPLEASE reply to all my comments.

    3. Of course I am Cheesie Mack. You can tell because all my comments have a different color background. (Because it’s my website, I can do that).

  5. Yes, I have seen a real-life vampire but does TV count? Well then no if it doesn’t. Too bad it didn’t bite me. On Disney Channel why don’t you watch My Babysitter’s A Vampire, Cheesie?

    1. I bet you’ll find this strange, but I actually do not watch very much TV at all. I read books and write books and play outside. Granpa says that what kids should do.

    2. I totally love that show! Do you watch it? If you do, then whats your favorite episode

  6. Guess what??????!!!!!!! My friend’s ( can’t remember her name 🙁 ) Dad is a vampire!! NO LIE!!!!! 🙂

  7. I was bitten by a vampire a few days ago when I was walking Sarah (my dog). He jumped out at me and bit me and my dog. Now I’m a vampire with a vampire dog and I WILL GET YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nah, just kidding.

  8. I was bitten by a Vampire once. Believe it or not my best friend was the Vampire, and once she tricked me into putting a blindfold on and going to her room. If you want to watch out for her here’s her discription:
    *Goes by the name of “Missy”.
    *Has Ash Blonde hair.
    *Pretty Baby Blue Eyes.
    *Lots of freckles on her nose.
    *Usally has Pale Tan Skin
    I should know…Since Missy bit me I’m a vampire too!!! But I’m not the kind you think I’m trying to only drink rodents’ blood. I’m also trying to stop the vampires and eat alot of chips so that I can lay off the blood!!!

    1. Wow! Sorry to hear your bad news…which is even worse news for the rodents in your area!

    2. You are not a vampire! You got “drinking rodents blood” and “eating chips to lay off the blood” from My Babysitter’s A Vampire! :p

  9. There are bats where I live and one of the species is the VAMPIRE BAT! But they only take blood from animals… Let’s hope one doesn’t bite me because I don’t want to become a vampire!!!

  10. Well I’ve never seen a vampire but my neighbors NEVER come out of their house and their blinds are always shut.

  11. i have not really seen one but there is this old creepy guy who stays inside all the time and is always keeping the blinds down.

    1. weird right??? I don’t keep MY blinds down and I am a vampire… that might be my long lost granpa your talking about…Don’t be sorry he’s kinda mean anyway…

    1. As I said in my book, “There are no vampires in Massachusetts.” And I don’t believe there are any…anywhere! I am NOT talking about BOOKS about vampires. Because if I were, MY BOOK would be an example of one!

  12. No I haven’t seen one or ever got bitten by one though if I ever did, that would be misrable.

    1. If your eyes exploded, then how did you see the screen to go on this website to type? I’m a very logical vampire. ROFL XD

    2. you are lying i’m the only one who really got bitten he jumped me like a mugger then bit me and i passed out for a couple of hours when i woke up i was a vamp/were wolf because when i was 3 a were wolf bit me too

  13. this is not about vampires. its …………werewolfs!!!! at sea world on halloscream I was walking…and a werewolf jumped out at me !!!!!!!!!

  14. I agree with Mehdi:)i saw 5 movies with vampires! (p.s you can see a vampire in a book too)

  15. I saw this movie it was so cool but there was this vampire that tried to bite everybody but he got hid by a roller coaster and his head got cut off it was kinda scary but cool!!

  16. well yes i have i went to the movie theater and saw a movie and that was the first time i have ever seen one if that counts than it was very scarey when it bit every one in the theater sadly we did not turn in to vampires (well it looked like we got bitten it was a 3d movie)

    1. A 3D movie reached out and turned everyone into vampires!? that’s a good one.

    1. If you get bitten by a vampire, you turn into a vampire, so I guess it counts if you’ve turned into a dog!

  17. When I was walking in London I saw this man a he seemed weired. Then my family went to the airport and the went there to and at security the man attacked a police officer and started taking bites out of him!

    1. I bet you are kidding me. How could you go to school? It’s in the daytime, and vampires can’t stand sunlight.

  18. I have never been bitten before but everybody has seen one.they just dont know.vampires are human to the naked eye,its only when you get to know them really well you know.then it is too late.another way everbodya has seen vamps are in movies.that is how everbody has seen vampyres.

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