Coolest Show-and-Tell Stuff

When a dead whale washed up on the beach right outside my town, I was hoping to bring a hunk of whale blubber to school to show to my class. Georgie and I were right there…right next to the huge creature and Granpa had a knife…but I didn’t get to because Georgie’s Dad was getting married, and Granpa was in too big of a hurry to get us home.

Whale on a beach in Massachusetts
Whale on a beach in Massachusetts (2009), photo from New Bedford Whaling Museum

What’s the coolest thing you ever brought to school (for show-and-tell or sharing time or whatever)?

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  1. I brought in a book my mother wrote, illustrated, and dedicated to me and my family. It was about a cat who kept on stealing things.

  2. The coolest thing I’ve done was bring my dog into to show and my dog did a really good trick

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