#4-Want to Tell Me Something?

If you do or don’t like this book or just want to say something to me.

So, this is my fourth book, and I have made lots of friends since I began writing them. Thousands of kids have come on my website to leave comments. Sometimes I respond to their comments. (You don’t have to beg me to respond. If I have the time…if I’m not too busy writing or doing chores or doing my homework, I will.)

iguanaSo why don’t you leave a comment?

You could tell me about your school or your teachers or your friends. Or you could describe all the tricks your pet iguana can do. Or maybe you want to talk about the funny thing that happened yesterday.

Or maybe you could comment about this book.

It’s all up to you.

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Comments from my Readers & Friends

  1. Hi Cheesie! I just finished your 4th book like 10 minutes ago. It was amazing! Are you ever going to make a 6th book? I need to know! ASAP! Also, be 100% honest, do you like like Lana. TELL THE TRUTH!!! 100% TRUTH.

    • You want 100% truth? Okay.
      Yes, I like Lana…but she is not my girlfriend because I do not have a girlfriend, but if I did have a girlfriend, then I guess it would be Lana, but because she isn’t my girlfriend, the whole question is sorta confusing.
      And that’s 100% truth!

  2. Dear Cheesie Mack. I really liked your book. My favorite part of your book was when Georgie did the imaginary squirt gun and it went in Goons’s face.

      Pour a glug of fruit juice (any kind you like) into a blender,
      Add some fruit (any kind you like).
      Add some yogurt or ice cream or milk (any kind you like).
      Add some ice.
      Blend until ice is crushed.
      If it’s good, drink it.
      If it’s not good, add something you like to make it better.
      Then drink.

  3. hey cheesie, why do you not follow the same name calling rules as goon? If she can call you runt in public, you can call her goon in public right?

  4. I have a little sister who cries every time she doesn’t get what she want or whenever I put a pinky on her stuff, and because of that we’re getting kicked out of our house because we’re making noise for the neighbors. You’re kind of lucky you have a big sister, but at least she doesn’t tease me.

    • I am actually in Charlotte right now (!) on a trip with my parents. How weird is that?
      I would love to come visit your school. Just have your teacher or librarian contact me…and I’ll come!