#4-Want to Tell Me Something?

If you do or don’t like this book or just want to say something to me.

So, this is my fourth book, and I have made lots of friends since I began writing them. Thousands of kids have come on my website to leave comments. Sometimes I respond to their comments. (You don’t have to beg me to respond. If I have the time…if I’m not too busy writing or doing chores or doing my homework, I will.)

iguanaSo why don’t you leave a comment?

You could tell me about your school or your teachers or your friends. Or you could describe all the tricks your pet iguana can do. Or maybe you want to talk about the funny thing that happened yesterday.

Or maybe you could comment about this book.

It’s all up to you.

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Comments from my Readers & Friends

  1. So……My Homework to you is answering this question. Tell the Truth. Honesty is the solution.
    Now here it goes. Who are writing these Cheesie Mack answers? A real boy? Steve Cotler, or an assistant? DON’T LIE. Answer ASAP… Sorry for being clever. Dont Ignore this comment…

    • You insist on an HONEST answer, so here it is: these comments are answered 100% by Ronald “Cheesie” Mack…who is an absolutely real, totally human, completely fictional boy who is now 11 years old!

  2. hello! I just finished your 4th book 5 minutes ago! It was great! Are you gonna write another book after Cheesie Mack is sort of freaked out?

    • Goon is two years older than I am…she’s 13. Georgie is six months older. He’s almost 12. I don’t know when Oddny’s birthday is, but I think she’s almost 12, too.

  3. Cheesie are you real?
    Besides Cheesie would you rather have your friends call you Apton,Ronald,Ronald Apton, Cheesie Ronald Apton Mack, Cheesie Ronald or Mack’n’ Cheesie.

    • I am a completely real, fictional boy. If they don’t want to call me Cheesie, I guess I’d like Ronald or Ron. I’m not a big fan of Ronnie because that was my Grandmother’s nickname. Her real name was Veronica.

  4. Cheesie please answer these questions ASAP
    How many people are in you whole family including You, Mrs. Mack, Mr. Mack, Your Grandpa and Goon?
    How’d you friends describe you?
    Who do you is you crush?(tell the truth)
    Who else is your best friend beside Oddny, Lana, Georgie and Eddie.

    • The answer to your first question is on my website.
      I don’t know how my friends describe me. You’d have to ask them.
      I have a crush on NO ONE!
      Eddie is not exactly a “best friend.” But I have best camp friends whom I see only in the summer. They are described in my second book.

  5. Hey Cheesie! Guess what? My brother is 11 1/2 like you, but guess what I’m 9 1/2 but I am taller. I have a habit of asking people whose older! 🙂

  6. I hated your smoothie, (no offance but i dont like smoothies), I loved your book, MAKE MORE PLEASE!!!!

    -Grace H.