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Old City Cemetery time capsule in Sacramento, CA. Text reads: Here lies history. Buried August 6, 1988. To be resurrected and opened August 6, 2088.
This one was buried in Sacramento, CA.

If you read my fourth book, you know we  buried a time capsule under a new building at my school, Robert Louis Stevenson Middle School. It isn’t supposed to be be opened for 100 years.

If you were going to put something in a time capsule that wouldn’t opened for 100 years, what would it be?

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Comments from my Readers & Friends

  1. Maybe some pics of animals you do not know what animals will be extinct in 100 years!

    1. Toys would be excellent. But which ones? Probably none with batteries because they’d be dead in 100 years.

  2. How about Pokémon Cards or Cool Things About your city? Like maybe a shark tooth from the nearby ocean?

  3. I think you should put a map or pictures of famous cities in it. WHO KNOWS WHAT THEY WOULD LOOK LIKE IN THE FUTURE.

  4. A copy of your book so people can see what a great author they missed to write to.
    Also put in a math equation with an answer, who knows how the education of the future will be like.

  5. I think you should put in pics of cars because Google says that in a decade, it might be ILLEGAL to drive a car. By then, robots will be driving cars. 🙂 🙁 :0 😉

  6. A tooth or bone. I’ve heard that They’re really strong and I want to see if they’ll last.

    1. They would last for sure. Teeth and bone last for centuries…maybe longer. How about mummy teeth?

  7. I would put an iPad & A Lego Replica of SDG&E’s power plant stack in Carlsbad, CA in the time capsule.

    1. Good idea, but I bet when they open the capsule our robotics devices will be really lame compared to what exists in the future.

  8. i would put a car key, a credit card and a, chunk of dirt, a piece of stone and a smart phone

  9. A computer, newspaper, hand phone, maybe atoilet bowl… Oh! And maybe ur sister’s stuffed toy, or something just to get back at her!

  10. I think you should put money, books, barf(kidding), computers, ipods, tablets, etc. Advice:Don’t put too many stuff down there;future people’ll think that we’re showing off. Plus, I don’t think people(or aliens, robots, etc.)from 100000,0000,000,00,0 years or centuries or milenmia(just a word I made up that means 10000,000,00,0 centuries)will speak the same language as we do. So take my advice.

  11. I guess I would put a stash if good books and hope the languages won’t disappear and maybe a picture of me so I would be a bit FAMOUS.


    1. Thats why you should! Your awesome and everybody loves you! People in 1,111,111,111,111 years should know that.

  13. I would put some of my mom’s homemade french fries because they are really good and my favorite food is fries.(I said that on your other books comments about your favorite food) and i know they would get moldy but who cares? NOT ME FOR SURE! I LOVE FRIES!

  14. I think that we should put a map of the world because the continents might have changed around by then.

    1. In only 100 years? I don’t think they move that fast. It think it would take more like a million years.

  15. Defenity newspapers at the top so they could see what happened. Also money pictures a note and popular things

  16. Probably clothes, pencils, pens, utensils, magazines, newspapers, and water bottles.

    1. That’s a really good idea. Because what if the school has been torn down or blown away in a hurricane or swallowed by an earthquake. We never thought of that

    2. Cheesie you have a wonderful archive I love new words like family archives It means history in the family but if you wanna use it double check

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