Mom’s Tricky Questions

My mother is really smart. When we were doing one of our Family Traditions—the Mack Supreme Court—she said, “Your Honor…I offer the witnesses a challenge. I will ask four questions which they must answer with lies. If they succeed in lying to every question, I will ask nothing further. If, however, either of them tells the truth even once, they must tell the truth to all my succeeding questions.”

All Georgie and I had to do was give a wrong answer to every question, but my mom pulled a terrific trick on us. Did you figure out what it was?

Here’s what she did.

2+2 = 5 1/2

She asked, “Georgie Sinkoff . . . how much is two plus two?”

After a while, Georgie answered, “Umm . . . five and one-half.”

Then she asked me in a very accusative voice, “Ronald Mack, where were you last August sixteenth in the afternoon?”

tubaThat was easy. August 16 was my birthday, and it was the last day of summer camp. I made up a totally bogus, totally excellent answer. “Oh, yes,” I said. “August sixteenth. That was when my sister fell off the stage at her ballet recital, landed in the orchestra pit, and got her entire head stuck inside a tuba.”

After Goon got kicked out of the room for losing her temper and trying to hit me (she missed), Mom, still acting like the prosecutor, turned to Georgie and asked “Mr. Sinkoff, what event is taking place this coming weekend?”

Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine cover: Curse of the WerewolfGeorgie handled that one easily. Since his father and Ms. D were getting married on Sunday, he smiled and answered quickly. “At midnight on Saturday night, Cheesie and I will turn into werewolves.”

We both laughed and howled!

That’s when Mom nodded, and asked me, “Was that my third question?”

“Yes,” I answered…WITHOUT THINKING! It was her fourth question…and I answered it truthfully.


Has anyone in your family played a trick on you? Tell me in the comment section.

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Comments from my Readers & Friends

  1. Here’s a joke. Why did the student eat his homework? because the teacher said it was a piece of cake! Second joke: what did the male octopus say to the female octopus? A: can I hold your hand,hand,hand,hand,hand,hand,hand,hand? (Get it octopuses have eight arms) (:

  2. I think the trick is really good! When I read the part in the book, I thought how did the mom trick cheesie? and the I realized that was her 4th question! (:

  3. I can’t go 3 days without being tricked by my older sister Emma or my younger sister Olivia

  4. Hey, last night when my brother sleeping I put shaving cream on his hand and tickled his face with a feather and he RUBBED HIS HAND WITH SHAVING CREAM ON IT AND BAM!

  5. Hey! I am writing a book called Torque, part of a series. Can you give me a series title? It is about a kid named Collin Nesson. He is an underrated player, a tight end, on his varsity team, the Cary Panthers, and that is because of his misfortunes such as dropping balls and slipping. He has to undergo bullying and home issues due to his dad being in the army. He needs to show the other kids that he has potential, and goes through details the pros and cons of being a high school football player. I am 9, so this book is going to be a challenge!

    1. I think titles should come AFTER you finish the book. Your story might change.
      BTW, my dad has friends who live in Cary.

  6. Hello kids, I’m back (says the kid with a horrible-I mean HORRIBLE-Morgan Freeman accent)! I have a new invention (still in his hopeless accent)! I present (STILL in his accent; you getting a pattern?) the CHEESIE MACK (voice crack in “Mack”)(!)

    The FBI is negotiating… is this young hopeless man worthy of an exclamation point?

    “Hey, there’s a cliff behind you!” The educated kid protests to the young “inventor”.

    I don’t know why I am commenting this…

  7. Here is a riddle:
    Q: Imagine you are in a metal box with no opening. How do you get out?
    A: Stop imagining you are in a box!!!

  8. Here’s one. Do you want to play the easiest game? Hokup. What is your favorite color? Interesting. What is your favorite movie? And, what was my first question?
    Solve it before looking at the answer below.

    “Do you want to play the easiest game?” is the answer.

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