My Third Book: Like? Don’t Like? Can’t Make Up Your Mind?

You probably got to this page because I wrote another book…and you read it!

(But if you haven’t read Cheesie Mack Is Running Like Crazy! then you probably should finish the book and then come back here and leave me a comment. But either way…whatever.)

I am especially interested in what you liked best in this book. And if you didn’t like something (gulp!), I guess I want to know what that is, too.

Oh, one more thing. You don’t have to write “Please Reply” or anything like that in your comment. I will get around to replying to most of the comments, but please understand that I might be really busy writing my next book (or outside playing or eating ice cream or…getting back at Goon for something she did to me or…), so it might take me a few days or maybe even a couple of weeks. So please be patient…and when I do respond, I’ll send you an email notification (make sure your email is valid…and don’t worry, I will never use your email address for anything else).

Book 3

Cross country competition, a crunched finger, and crazy campaigning for class president!

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Comments from my Readers & Friends

  1. It is a long book for sure. Kind of funny.It really helped my A.R. goal.You should leave out some parts.

  2. HEY CHEESIE WHENS THE 6TH BOOK GOING TO COME OUT?just going to say I’M A BIG FAN OF YOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. What NFL team are rooting for!?!?!?I’m for the Patriots!!!Their in first place!!!

  4. Your awesome!!!Your cool!!!Your funny!!!Your the best!!!Your hilarious!!!Your amazing!!!Your…your…….ahhhh man! I ran out of words!!!But still your the best!!!!!!!!!!P.S.You can see I’m a huge fan of exclamation points… and you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. hi i love your book

    at first i thought you were 10 but when you came to my school… lets just say you are hefore my time!😋

  6. Hi. I HATED how you kept fooling with us in chapters 18 and 19.

    Did you believe that? Don’t worry- everything I said above was fake. I just wanted to copy you and actually liked how you did that.

    I think you should write about Zombies in your next book. Simon


    1. I love your book and if you wendred why Lana always stares into your eyes she properly loves you ❤️❤️

  8. Your third book was awesome! Georgie would definitely make a great class president. I totally want Georgie for president stickers. I’ll try to get some.

  9. sup cheesie. i love your books i have read book 3 and 4. u r awesome and cool. i would like to know how tall u r. hi georgie i know u don’t talk a lot on this website but can u tell me how tall u r and what is your fave color?

    1. I am 4’5″. Georgie isn’t here right now, but he is exactly one foot taller than I am. His favorite color is chartreuse, which IMO is a sickening yellowish-green (I know, weird…but that’s what he told me).

  10. Cheesie I have 2 things to declare 1. On your website can I talk to Georgie 2. you may not have the worst sister in the U.S. my sister sounds like her and Goon would get together and be friendly with each other she is like Goon in very many ways I can not put a list it would be to long to put in on a computer p.s. good job on track!

  11. Just imfo
    Peaple had bees wax as a pimple cover or some thing like that and when it melted Peaple would tell them and they said none of your beeswax

    You get car sick becouse you feel like your moving but your not try moving your feet like walking in place it helps!

    1. I don’t think the pimple thing is right. I looked it up and it seems that “beeswax” is just another was of saying “business.”

  12. want to be friendssssssss…..

    *stalk* XD jk about stalk but serious about friend part

  13. im romeos sister can you say hi too XD im really desperate for you to say hi I love your book lolz

    1. I removed your email again. Don’t put it where everyone can spam you.
      So I responding here instead. Hi, Romeo!


  15. Hi cheesie, how are you doing? are you going to write a sixth book? I will be looking forward to it!

  16. My 4th grade students are learning about your books today. I just read your third book over the weekend and now I’m telling about the book and your website to them today. They are a great reading class! Cheesie Mack is new to this class so I’m hoping they’ll read the series. Keep writing more of these books!


    BTW, one of your comments is at 5:30 something AM in this eastern time, and the other time zones were before. So either you were in another country, or you had some stay-up late thing.

  18. Awesome book I’ve read the first three anbwesome vocabulary words use them more. And you and George are awesome plz respond. Bye
    From luca slavin bye

  19. Awesome book I’ve read the first three anbwesome vocabulary words use them more. And you and George are awesome plz respond. Bye
    From luca slavin bye

  20. 4 DAYZ until Cheesie get famous(ish), let’s countdown, not like I expect anyone to follow along!

  21. I love your book! I really like the goof up chapters at the end. If Georgie is there, tell him congratulations on becoming a co-President!


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