My Third Book: Like? Don’t Like? Can’t Make Up Your Mind?

You probably got to this page because I wrote another book…and you read it!

(But if you haven’t read Cheesie Mack Is Running Like Crazy! then you probably should finish the book and then come back here and leave me a comment. But either way…whatever.)

I am especially interested in what you liked best in this book. And if you didn’t like something (gulp!), I guess I want to know what that is, too.

Oh, one more thing. You don’t have to write “Please Reply” or anything like that in your comment. I will get around to replying to most of the comments, but please understand that I might be really busy writing my next book (or outside playing or eating ice cream or…getting back at Goon for something she did to me or…), so it might take me a few days or maybe even a couple of weeks. So please be patient…and when I do respond, I’ll send you an email notification (make sure your email is valid…and don’t worry, I will never use your email address for anything else).

Book 3

Cross country competition, a crunched finger, and crazy campaigning for class president!

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Comments from my Readers & Friends

  1. Cheesie this book is awesome!!!!! Your running skills are good too. I will vote for Georgie if I could!! L love this book

  2. i went to the library yesterday but i could only find your third book and it is

    1. Ask them about the other two. Librarians actually like it when you ask for something you want.

  3. Hi Cheesie,
    I absolutely love you’re books. They are fab
    I have read all three and I’m looking forward to your’e next one.

  4. do you run races? I tried a 1 mile one but my grandpa who I was with ended up carrying me the rest of the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Hi cheesie! coincidentally, I used to be called “Big Cheesie”! Could i get free copies of your book?

  6. Remember me you visited my school Andrew Jackson Steve Cotler.I wrote a note to you Ms.Knibbs will give it to you or send it to you.That story about the camp was funny.Cheesie mac I just wanted to say hello and I hope you will catch up or beat Goon at the point battle.GOOD LUCK!

  7. Btw, i would really love for you to come to my school (Space Center Intermediate) and show us a presentation about your books. How can i find a way for you to come?
    I really would like to meet a FANTASTIC author as yourself on day! ;P

  8. I really love your books (Running like crazy, and cool duel)! XD
    i’m 13 years old and i’m writing a book right now! i want to be one of the youngest publishers in the United States. i hope you keep writing and i can’t wait to read your other books. wish me good luck!

  9. Chessie, i have tried to find your books in Barnes and nobles but, there are none of your books there but i will tell you when (:

  10. great book cheesie!P.S you didn’t fool me with the first, or third, but the second caught me … or at least sort of, in my head i was like what?! does Diana like you or what?the part you really caught me with in that section was when you said you ran like crazy … ’cause that’s the title!

  11. i knew right away that when there bikes dissapeared goon did it. any tips for pranking my brother? thanks!

  12. I just finshed your book. It was great!The stilts was a wondorful idea.Is Geogie better now?It was a funny idea to take goons ribbin when she wasn’t looking and putting it back.I can not wait to read the next book.

  13. Chessie I love your books!You have some awsome adventures!Geogie seems like a great best freind!

  14. I was disappointed because I really dislike books about school elections (my school has never had one), and as a middle school cross country coach, I was hoping for a lot more information about the sport. My boys who like funny books will still pick this up, though! Nice information about Iceland– I hosted an exchange student from there last year!

    1. Gee, I’m really sorry you don’t like elections books, but that’s what happened, so that’s what I wrote about. But I’m glad you think it was funny. Maybe I could come to your school…?

    2. I think the book will still b e popular with my students, and I do like the new covers now that I’ve seen the actual books! Wish we had money for author visits, but we’ll just have to wait for more vooks from you, instead!

    1. Haha! I think you may be exaggerating a little. Here’s how I figured that out. It takes about four hours to read the book. 97 x 4 = 388 hours of reading. My third book came out five weeks ago (35 days). Divide 388 hours by 35 days means you would have to read my book over and over about 10.4 hours every day! (388 / 35 = 10.4). That would not give you much time to eat, sleep, and play.
      Thanks for the great comment, Dave!

  15. I like your book a lot. What is Goon like when she’s not in your stories? Is she cranky?

  16. Hello, Cheesie. Your third book recently came out and I have not read it yet. But I hope that I will get a chance to. I have read your second book though. That was a really good book. I like how you set up the story to get the readers attention and made surev that everything made sense. You are truly a great writer, Cheesie. Go Steve Cotler!

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