#3-Do You Like Book 3

My Third Book: Like? Don’t Like? Can’t Make Up Your Mind?

You probably got to this page because I wrote another book…and you read it!

(But if you haven’t read Cheesie Mack Is Running Like Crazy! then you probably should finish the book and then come back here and leave me a comment. But either way…whatever.)

I am especially interested in what you liked best in this book. And if you didn’t like something (gulp!), I guess I want to know what that is, too.

Oh, one more thing. You don’t have to write “Please Reply” or anything like that in your comment. I will get around to replying to most of the comments, but please understand that I might be really busy writing my next book (or outside playing or eating ice cream or…getting back at Goon for something she did to me or…), so it might take me a few days or maybe even a couple of weeks. So please be patient…and when I do respond, I’ll send you an email notification (make sure your email is valid…and don’t worry, I will never use your email address for anything else).

Comments from my Readers & Friends

  1. OMG chiesy ( could i call you that ? )i am so happy that book was amaizing , love it !! i wanted to ask ,why didn’t you write a sixth book , did you go to high school or whaT ??I’ve just finished you’re third book , but i dont want to finish your books ,SO PLEASE FINISH YOU’RE SIXTH BOOK !!
    love you
    from sudia Arabia ( i dont know how to spell it !!)

  2. Hi I love your books im in 5th grade and I am making a website with 3 of my freinds. Got any advice?

    • Hi, Margaret…
      I have been to Austin once, but I was small and I don’t remember anything except a river.

  3. I remember reading your series 3 YEARS AGO. I thought I should just check in and see how things are going for you and goon. Just one question, did you ever come up with that ultra mega prank yet? I would absolutley LOVE to hear that.

  4. Hi Cheesie! I am a writer and I’m having a terrible writers’ block! Can any of you help?

    • Sorry for the delay. I have been swamped with homework and haven’t looked at my website for weeks! My suggestion is to write something else. Not the story you are working on, but maybe just some descriptions of things you see around you (like a tree in the wind, or a cat sleeping, or a misbehaving sister).

    • Yeah sometimes. Like right now when I, Geogie Sinkoff (AKA The Great Giorgio), am pushing Cheesie aside and sitting in his chair and typing on his computer. But he is looking over my shoulder and trying to tell me what to type (especially puncuation and speling which are not my best talents HAHA), but I am completely and totally ignoring him.

  5. Hi Cheesie!
    just saying that i read your third book and I realized i need to read your first and second book to get what happened in most the parts. so i got to go and get on that!
    (i avoided a lot of my chores by reading your third book all day!)

    thanks for the great book
    -Jack (I’m a girl by the way)

    • I’m glad you liked #3. (I’m guessing your full name is Jacqueline…am I right?)

    • This is a robot responding to your comment. Cheesie is unavailable. He is on a safari in Africa, taking photos of rare butterflies.

      (Yeah, it actually is cool to have my own website…but a lot of work.)