#3-Point Battle Rules

Point Battle Rules

Here is how the Point Battle Is scored. (Goon has never seen this.)

These rules apply equally to Goon and to me. I do not cheat. Otherwise, why bother?

If one of us insults the other—

•    When we’re alone:     1 point
•    When other people can hear:      2 points
•    Points are doubled for a REALLY excellent insult.

Causing the other to do something embarrassing—

•    when we’re alone:       2 points
•    when other people are around:       4 points
•    Points are doubled for a REALLY excellent embarrassment.

Getting punished—

•    by parents:     4 points
•    by school:     8 points
•    by police:     You lose—GAME OVER

Points are doubled when…

•    it’s a REALLY BIG punishment
•    you’re caught lying
•    the other kid tattles
•    the other kid is actually at fault, but doesn’t get punished.

Comment below if you have brother or sister problems. How do you handle yours?

Cheesie VS. Goon

Comments from my Readers & Friends

  1. Who’s winning? What’s the score? It seems like it’s been a while between the fifth book and now.

  2. Make her do something super gorlent ( gory +violent) and then get her in trouble. Finish it off with an insult that is worth 24 points plus the other 48 that you would get. Use an insult like : I would have roasted you but my mom said not to burn garbage.

    • Sorry for the delay in responding. I was goofing off at the end of the summer.

      I really LOVE your “roast” insult. I wish I’d thought of it.

  3. i have a brother problem i tell him to stop by telling him ill play his favorite video game with him.

  4. Hey I have a plan to get Goon. So, tell her friends that Goon has a nose picking problem, then tell them that she needs a little bit of time to herself.

  5. in the picture on page 46 of cheesie mack is not exactly famous georgie does not have a splint on his finger. just wanted to let you know!

    • OMG! You are right, Robby!
      I missed it. My illustrator missed it. My editor missed it. My publisher missed it.
      But you saw it.
      I would like to send you a reward for being such a good reading detective. Please contact me here so I know where to send your reward.

  6. Cheesie you have an point battle error, you gave goon points. She didn’t know what happened when your super binder fell on the floor.

  7. I know a way to get back on Goon. Get her super binder (if she has one) and at lunch sneak out to Goon’s classroom and mess it up.

    • It would be too much of a copycat sort of prank…and anyway, SuperBinders are just for 6th graders.

  8. Maybe during lunch you could sneak to goons classroom and write a note saying, ” Goon is a wierdo. ” Also you could make like a million and hang it all over the walls.

    • I know someone who was born in Pottsville…but it wasn’t Arkansas. It was Pottsville, Pennsylvania!

    • I am really exited to be talking to you to. P.S I go to pottsville down too.
      P.P.D I am in the same class as Anthony Hoke

      • Yo! Anthony Hoke and I are old friends. I have been writing to him for one day more than to you!

  9. I hope you win the point battle 10’00-800. Don’t show Goon the point battle. If you do she will mad.

  10. Here’s something that might earn you a few points: Fill doughnut holes with mayonnaise and serve them up for her and her friends. You could also use sour cream or blue cheese dressing.

      • Oh, you never know. I’m an only child but I have several guy friends who are like my brothers (they’re all younger than me.)One is super-brainy, one is a total sweetheart, and the third is a goofball. The third one and I have a similar battle raging: he’s given me 13 mind puzzles to solve in the next few months (technically 12, since I solved the first one today.) If I succeed, his dignity is in my hands (not that he really had much to begin with.) If he succeeds, he says he just wants me to shake on it. We’re constantly picking on and arguing with each other. But it’s just playful arguing, we are never intentionally mean to each other. And I will NEVER go behind his back. Or any of the others.