#3-Point Battle Rules

Point Battle Rules

Here is how the Point Battle Is scored. (Goon has never seen this.)

These rules apply equally to Goon and to me. I do not cheat. Otherwise, why bother?

If one of us insults the other—

•    When we’re alone:     1 point
•    When other people can hear:      2 points
•    Points are doubled for a REALLY excellent insult.

Causing the other to do something embarrassing—

•    when we’re alone:       2 points
•    when other people are around:       4 points
•    Points are doubled for a REALLY excellent embarrassment.

Getting punished—

•    by parents:     4 points
•    by school:     8 points
•    by police:     You lose—GAME OVER

Points are doubled when…

•    it’s a REALLY BIG punishment
•    you’re caught lying
•    the other kid tattles
•    the other kid is actually at fault, but doesn’t get punished.

Comment below if you have brother or sister problems. How do you handle yours?

Cheesie VS. Goon

Comments from my Readers & Friends

  1. My dad had a really annoying big sister when he was little. He said that she would always dress him up and tease him.But, then one day my dad got bigger then her and fought her her lesson by kneeing her in the groin and punching her repeatedly. He got in huge trouble and the two of them never fought again.

    • Whoa! That’s a terrible story. I hope someday my sister and I don’t argue and fight anymore. But who knows?

  2. I have an idea for your next book!! I think it should be that you make a speech at school that we don’t need cars anymore, that we can just use horses and wagons again. And then everyone cheers for you because they like the idea. But it does not catch on.

  3. i tell my parent and throw a fit but i am stating the point battle with booth sisters and i have 12 and one has 10 the at anther has 9 points bye

  4. I almost never get along with my little sister, but I still love her, though she can get really annoying sometimes. I’m going to start using those points, and I’m pretty sure if I were doing the point battle, I would probably be ahead of her by 20 points. DONT FORGET TO WRITE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Why is being punished by school worse than being punished by your parents? That doesn’t make sense to me.

    • because if you get punished at school, your parents AND your teacher will punish you.

  6. my little brothers are ANNOYING but the littlest one is

  7. i have a little brother and we fight all the time. he is 5 and i am 10. i don’t know what is wrong with us. its like we want to be mean to each other. any tips? PS why do you need our email address?

  8. I love my sister and everything. But she’s five and quite a bother sometimes. I still love her, and she is not really that bad.