#2-Uncle Bud’s joke

Uncle Bud’s Joke (not so funny)

Uncle Bud tells the same joke every year at the first campfire, so every returning camper knows it by heart. And just before he gets to the end, we always interrupt by yelling out the punch line and laughing hysterically.

Here it is. But I warn you, it’s only funny if you’ve heard it a million times.

*     *     *     *     *

A man went into a restaurant with a gigantic, sharp-toothed monster on a leash.

“I’m terribly sorry, sir,” the waiter said, “Your creature looks extremely dangerous. You’ll have to tie him up outside.”

So the man took his monster outside and tied him to a post, then came back inside and ordered dinner. Just as he took the first bite, a little girl came into the restaurant and asked, “Does that terrible monster outside belong to anyone in here?”

illustration by Georgie Sinkoff

“It’s mine,” said the man. “Is there a problem?”

“Well, I’m really sorry,” the little girl said, “But my tiny little kitten just killed him.”

“Killed him!?” The man shouted. “How?”

“She choked him,” the little girl replied.

The man waved his arms in the air and asked loudly, “How could your tiny little kitten choke my great big monster?”

The little girl looked at the man and said, “She got stuck in his throat.”

*     *     *     *     *

Uncle Bud needs a new joke. If you know a better joke or a worse joke, please tell it to me.

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Comments from my Readers & Friends

  1. Q. A rooster lives really close to the US/Canada border, but he lives in Canada. He runs over to the US and lays an egg. Then he runs back to Canada. So which country does the egg actually belong to?

    A. Neither. Roosters don’t lay eggs, hens do!

  2. ok so a creeper (look it up on the internet if you dont know what it is) was at the shop to buy tnt and the cashier said: why dont you just blow up instead of using tnt? and the creeper said Why should i blow myself up? Imediently the creeper explodes destroying the store. my big brother telld me this joke all the time its not funny anymore

  3. I have a joke book with a joke thats not funny at all!!!!!

    How do you tell a rabbit from a gorilla?

    A rabbit doesn’t look like a gorilla.

    Its the worst joke in the world!!!!! :(

  4. Q In the world of elves who live in the united states there is a blue man lives in a green house,a green man lives in a blue house. A red man lives in a grey house, a grey man lives in a red house. a white man lives in a black house. Who lives in the white house?

    A The president

  5. Ok
    Q.Ur in a one story house and everything is blue
    The piano is blue, the table is blue, the couch is blue,
    What color are the stairs?
    A. It’s a one story house, there are no stairs!!!!!

  6. Q:You are in a room with indestructible walls, floor, and ceiling with no doors or windows. All you have is a chainsaw and a mirror. How do you get out?

    A:You cut the mirror in half because two halves make a hole (whole)