#1-Ms. or Mrs.

Picture 7I think Glenora Jean Prott was a Ms., not a Mrs., but maybe you have a different opinion.

Here’s the way I figured it:

1. She told us that she and Elaine were the Prott sisters.

2. That meant that they both had the same last name.

3. In the olden days women always changed their last name when they got married.

4. Glenora Jean was still a Prott, so she didn’t change her name.

5. Therefore, she never got married and was Ms. Prott.

Please tell me if you think I am wrong or you have a different way to figure this out.

Please comment below.

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Comments from my Readers & Friends

  1. A lot of people would think that when you get married,the woman would change their last name,but when my mother got married,she didn’t change her last name!

    • Yep, that’s true. And sometimes their children have two last names with a hyphen in the middle. So I was wondering…
      What if there were four people with the last names: Lodge, Osiris, Rhein, and Riley? And they became two couples who each had a kid with a hyphenated last name. And those two kids got married and had a child name Juan. That kid might be named: Juan Riley-Lodge-Rhein-Osiris.

  2. I think there might be another possibility. Ms/Mrs. Prott could have gotten married and then divorced, or her husband could’ve died.

  3. What if instead of changing her last name, her husband changed his last name?
    (Gloria Prott married Tom Jon. Instead of Gloria Jon, Tom Prott.)

  4. Mrs. or Ms. G.J. Prott probably didn’t have a husband because Cheesie looked in the phone book, and there was only one Prott. Also, she didn’t have a husband at home.