#1-Ms. or Mrs.

Picture 7I think Glenora Jean Prott was a Ms., not a Mrs., but maybe you have a different opinion.

Here’s the way I figured it:

1. She told us that she and Elaine were the Prott sisters.

2. That meant that they both had the same last name.

3. In the olden days women always changed their last name when they got married.

4. Glenora Jean was still a Prott, so she didn’t change her name.

5. Therefore, she never got married and was Ms. Prott.

Please tell me if you think I am wrong or you have a different way to figure this out.

Please comment below.

Comments from my Readers & Friends

  1. I tottaly think its a Ms. Beause in the pictures all the plants were overgrown and huspand always mow the lawn right? And a huspand probably would have been lounging around on the couch when Cheesie came in. It was very easy to reconize.

    • But what if she’d been married a long time ago, and her husband died? Then she’d still be Mrs.

  2. people could choose to change their last name they don’t have to. If she was the only person who lived there she could be a widow. If she was a widow she would be called miss, she wouldn’t have told you people don’t like to talk about those things.If she wasn’t a widow she would still be called miss.

  3. it can be mrs. because 1 of my teachers was getting married and she said that she doesn’t have to change her last name

  4. Well, your way is probably right, but Ms. Prott could have married someone with the same last name as her. Therefor, she could be a ‘Mrs.’

    • Yeah, that could’ve happened, but when she told me about her sister, I think she would’ve mentioned that.

  5. I think she is a Ms. because she is really nice and she was probably married but then they might of gotten divorced and she changed her last name to Prott. I think this because my parents are divorced and my mom is a Ms.

  6. I think she is a Ms. because I have read the book and completely agree with you.

    Ian Molloy

  7. i dont care but its probably a mrs you know why she said she lives alone and her husband pasted away

  8. Dear Cheesie Mack,
    You know, it’s a possibility that she did get married and is a Mrs., but she decided to keep her last name.

  9. maybe mrs. cause maybe by coincidence G.J Prott and her sister got married and their husbands’ surname both are Prott.

    • Could be, but I think that’s unlikely. But if they married brothers, you’d think G.J. Prott might have mentioned that when she talked about her sister.

  10. I think she is a Ms. because my mom also changed her name when she got married, and her original name was Prott, so she never got married, unless you’re half right and half wrong Cheesie, and she divorced or her husband died, and that makes her a Miss.