#1-Ms. or Mrs.

Picture 7I think Glenora Jean Prott was a Ms., not a Mrs., but maybe you have a different opinion.

Here’s the way I figured it:

1. She told us that she and Elaine were the Prott sisters.

2. That meant that they both had the same last name.

3. In the olden days women always changed their last name when they got married.

4. Glenora Jean was still a Prott, so she didn’t change her name.

5. Therefore, she never got married and was Ms. Prott.

Please tell me if you think I am wrong or you have a different way to figure this out.

Please comment below.

Comments from my Readers & Friends

  1. I think G.J.Prott was a Ms. because she was always alone and she didn’t come outside at all in the book.

  2. I think that she did get married but he died. When he died she probably changed her name back to Prott so she wouldn’t be sad about him dying.

  3. now that you think about it i think that ms.prott is married because and her husband had the same name as her so then probably mr.prott died and well she still has her last name the same

  4. I think that Ms. Prott is actually a Mrs. I believe she is a widow(meaning her husband died) and changed her name back to her maiden name. This could be because of sadness or some tradition in the era Mrs./Ms. Prott is from. I know some widows who have done this which gave me this idea. This really is a conundrum!(difficult problem or brain teaser).

    P.S. I love words, too!

    P.P.S. This book added greatly to my vocabulary:D

  5. I think shes a Mrs.Prott because it said in the book a LADY came out and i think that really the word lady is for oldeer grown ups and woman seems like a “Ms”

  6. maybe G. J. Prott was married but then her husband died and she was so sad she changed it back

  7. We think she wasn’t married because she wasn’t wearing a wedding ring (or at least Cheesie didn’t mention seeing one). Some students in our class think she may be divorced and sold her wedding ring or she was married but never changed her name (she was ahead of her time!).

    P.S. We can’t wait to meet you today at our town library!!!

  8. Well, it can be a Mrs. because the two sisters may not made the husband change her name.Besides, there’s 3 miller’s in my class

  9. Well I think your rit=ght she is a Ms. but another way that it proves shes a Ms, is that she could have once been married but her husband died and she didn’t want to be reminded of him because its too sad.

  10. Do you know the show sister wives they could have married that one person together and now he’s living in her house

  11. my aunts kathy and dalby both married the same brothers, so therefore, g.j. prott may have married two brothers with her sister.