Have I Written Another Book?

Cheesie Mack Is Not Exactly Famous

Will I write a fifth book?

YES! In fact…I already have!

If you like large reptiles, buckets of brains, and pillowcases stuffed with candy, you will sort of freak out when you read Cheesie Mack Is Sort of Freaked Out. In this book, aliens from another planet arrive on Earth (sort of).

The fifth book in my series was released AUGUST 14, 2014.

P.S.—It’s sort of spooky…and it’s really funny.

Book 3

Cross country competition, a crunched finger, and crazy campaigning for class president!

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Comments from my Readers & Friends

  1. Cheesie, can you come to my school?

    Bloomington, IL
    Bent Elementy
    5th Grade
    Mrs. S

    I’m sure your really busy, but maybe you have some extra time?

    #1 Fan

    1. I am actually thinking of planning a trip to the Peoria/Bloomington area. Have your teacher or librarian contact me.

  2. If you can send me Cheesie Mack is not exactly famous autographed for free hardcover, I will be your biggest fan.

  3. my favorite food is deer steak what is yours?My favorite dessert is pie.my favorite pie is lemon me-rang.PS I may I have spelled me-rang WRONG!Are you a millionaire

    1. I love lemon meringue pie! I am def not a millionaire! Writing books for kids does not make a ton of money…but I am saving it for college.

  4. WILL YOU COME TO MY SCHOOL @ SANDHILLS ELMENTARY 130 LEWIS RAST ROAD 29160 SWANSEA S.C. ppppppppppllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeee i realy want to read your other books what stores can i get a book from

    1. I’m planning to come to your school. Probably after New Years. You can get my books at any bookstore. They’ll order it if they don’t have it in stock. Or you can order a signed copy from me.

  5. Oh,Cheesie I have my own fish and a week ago my fish was very agressive:-) 😀 🙂 😀

  6. I love your books.How many books do you think you are going to make before the end of your career?I would read everyone of your books.I think your career will never end.You are one of my favorite authors.Please email back.What kind of breed is Deeb.

    1. Thanks, Olivia. I have written five books in the Cheesie Mack series…and am working on another that will be completely different.

  7. Hey Cheesie, You (or the author I mean,) came to our school! AWESOME!!!!!! Could you and Georgie give me any ideas for a tree house? Oh, and I came up with another sandwich name! COOKIE! Cracker,Olives,Octopus (Cool, right?),King Salmon, and Egg!

  8. Hi cheesie I loVE your books and you came to my school on Monday and it was AAWWSSOOMMEE! Goon is awful. bY

  9. Hey you just came to my school today.You are so funny.:-) I love your books.How old are you.

  10. Hey, I can’t until your coming to my school! I love Cheesie Mack he’s so funny and cool. I could read your books over and over your the greatest author! See you tomorrow!:)

    1. Greenbriar ROOOOOCKS! You had my face on a poster on your basketball backboard. I loved it.

  11. i would love to tell my principle to let you come to my school its not in massachusets though

  12. I love the 3rd book and this is a fake email and name because i dont like other people my name im sorry (buy thaats a no) cant wait for book 4 its gonna be book

  13. hi chessie i am so excited for u to come to my school i was wondering how we get to type are grandparents nicknames and all the aother stuff u mencin in your book i am such a big fan I LOVE U CHESSIE MACK you’re aswome and cool i am in the battle of the books when story i read to be in the battle was your first book and did you extely see gj port i think you’re stories are real bye bye

  14. I love your books! Their so funny,silly, and crazy. Your books are excellent. Thank you so much for the book that you signed.
    From: Caitriona Hermer

  15. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT SOUNDS SO COOL! EMAIL ME WHEN THE 5TH ONE IS DONE! P.S. My library is Really Awful about getting new books SORRY if I don’t read it right away Cheesie!!!!!!

  16. I love how you make lists throughout the books. It was so cool when you found Eureka secretly imprinted on the old paper.


  18. I only read one of your books”chessie mack is not a genius or anything i really want to read all your books and I wish you make book 5 I can’t wait to see book 5’s title.

  19. I hope you keep writing, on and on. Because I love to read your books. Please keep writing! You fan, Eden
    By the way, I’m a nine-year-old female author.

    1. Thanks, Hanan! I am doing it. I am right at this very minute working on Book #5.

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